Treasure Hunt

Amazing! You could rival Sebastien’s powers in making magic happen! Now, let’s find out what happened to Vincent and his friends.

Rebecca wipes tears of laughter from her eyes. “So, we did get our unicorn after all, even though it wasn’t exactly what we pictured.”

Vincent raises his eyebrows “Being made to dress up in a unicorn costume and pop out of the box in front of everyone when Sebastien shouted ‘Abracadabra’ wasn’t exactly what I had expected from Winterfest either.”

Pascal chokes out a final laugh. “Sebastien said that since we almost ruined his performance, we’d have to make up for it, and poor Vincent paid the biggest price. We couldn’t convince Sebastien it wasn’t even Vincent’s idea. Evidently, he hadn’t spent enough time with Devin because most everyone else figured it out right away.”

Father huffs. “I had been rather curious as to why a few of the children in question later spent several weeks of their spare time volunteering to help Sebastien Above with various tasks. Of course, it wasn’t until quite a few years had passed that I was told what actually had happened that night.”

Cullen chuckles. “They must have been waiting for the statute of limitations to run out!”

“That sounds like something Devin would have come up with,” Vincent says, a small smile curving his mouth.

“I hope I get to meet Devin someday,” Lena comments. “He sounds like a fun big brother.”

“He’ll be here tomorrow night for Winterfest,” Mary tells her. “He hasn’t been back for the celebration in several years, and we’re so looking forward to seeing him again.”

William shakes his head. “Yeah, but don’t let him tell that story in front of the kids. They already come up with plenty of ways to get into trouble on their own!”

“I hope little Cathy has fun like that with her friends someday,” Lena says hopefully.

“I’m sure she will,” Catherine reassures her. “There’s Luke and the new little twins. And there will surely be more children someday. They’ll all enjoy their own Winterfest adventures just as much.” She resists a look at Vincent but feels him watching her.

He takes Catherine’s hand, holding it for long moments, then smiles at her. “Why don’t you tell Lena how you felt last year at your first Winterfest?”

The warmth in her smile rivals the glow of Winterfest candles. “I’d love to.”

Even though we were there – in a way – with Catherine at her first Winterfest, it would be great to hear what she has to say. But first you’re on your way to another challenge. Click on the link below, and when you return, Catherine will be waiting to share her Winterfest memories with you.