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Here we are, celebrating twenty years of enjoying Winterfest Online together! We are continuing the fandom convention tradition of selecting a charity, and holding auctions and collecting donations to benefit it. Each year’s WFOL selections and donation totals are listed below, showing how this fandom has come together over the years to have fun and do good at the same time! By carrying on this tradition, we honor the series’ ethos to carry the light, each in our own way, and try to make the world a little better for others. This year, the WFOL charity is


Alight may sound new, but it has been helping people around the world for forty years, just under a different name. In 2019, the charity known as the American Refugee Committee became Alight. Their mission is still the same: providing health care and clean water, shelter, protection, and economic opportunity to more than 3.5 million people in 19 countries every year. Alight works to assist refugees, trafficked persons, and economic migrants, such as those seeking refuge from the war in Ukraine. Alight has provided assistance to more than half a million Ukrainians who fled to other European countries, and provided tons of non-perishable food and health care supplies for people who have stayed in the embattled country. And this is just one place on the map where Alight’s services provide critical assistance.

We at home cannot be in the many places Alight serves but we can adhere to the Tunnel philosophy of giving help when needed. And through our donations, we can help Alight share the light in places that need it around the world.

To learn more about Alight’s activities, go to their website:

Our preferred donation method this year is through the Paypal Fundraiser we have set up. There are no transaction fees either for the charity or for donors. (There is a small exchange fee if not paying in US dollars.) And we're still able to track total donations from Winterfest Online.

Donate with Paypal

Please check out the large group of auction items on Ebay that were contributed by several fans, all of which are being sold to raise funds for Alight. The seller is “santiago23" and all funds raised through these auctions will be sent to Alight after the auctions, and Winterfest Online, end.

We hope you’ll agree that Alight is a great charity worthy of your assistance. And by paying forward to Alight for all of the pleasure and fun you’re having during the nine days of Winterfest Online, you will be giving help when needed in a very special way!

Items on auction on ebay

Donations at past Winterfests
2006 $800.00 Doctors Without Borders
2007 $679.99 CARE
2008 $736.15 Save the Children
2009 $950.81 Direct Relief International
2010 $1,202.74 FINCA International
2011 $1,131.96 Global Links
2012 $1,356.66 Doctors Without Borders
2013 $1,796.96
2014 $2,000.49 Camfed
2015 $2,141.01 Partners in Health
2016 $1,876.74 International Rescue Comittee
2017 $1,919.27 Crisis Aid International
2018 $1,519.51 Direct Relief International
2019 $1,739.60 Shelter Box
2020 $1,818.60 Trickle Up
2021 $2,054.00 Doctors Without Borders
2022 $3,100.00 Doctors Without Borders
2023 $3,041.09 Alight