2023 WFOL Charity Auction
Items on eBay

The eBay auction listings will start on Saturday, February 11th around 1:00 pm eastern time, with new listings added every few minutes until they are all up and open for bidding.

Auctions end on Saturday, February 18th (the specific ending time will be shown on each eBay listing)

The WFOL auctions are listed under seller name santiago23

Proceeds of the Charity Auction go to this year's WFOL charity, Alight.

Thank you to the generous fans who donated auction items!!!


Follow this link to see all the auction listings:

WFOL 2023 Auctions on eBay


2023 WFOL Charity Auction Items Summary

New This Year!

We have over 20 different "Instant Collection" packages with an assortment of Autographs, artwork, fanzines, scripts, and other Beauty and the Beast memorabilia.

They're all different and they're all fun!


An Original Beauty and the Beast Crew Jacket

A Limited Edition Kevin Barnes Poster from the 35th annual Beauty & the Beast Convention in Witchita, KS

A new, still-plastic-wrapped, copy of the Olivia De Berardinis Vincent & Catherine poster. This is the portrait painted by Kristopher in the When the Bluebird Sings episode.



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