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  A 6-zine, SND arc by Judith Nolan

A close-up portrait of Vincent's face. His eyes are downcast and he looks to be in a pensive mood.


Judith is a New Zealand fan who found the show when it first aired there in 1988. Her zine, How Shall I Hold My Soul, the first in her SND, 6-zine arc, was written in the early 1990‘s. She sold her zines snail-mail back in the day, but slowly lost touch with fandom over the years.

In 2013, through Facebook, Judith reconnected with several long-lost BatB friends who showed her the way to Winterfest Online. She has also returned to writing fan fic, with new stand-alone stories posted in The Library, and is now at work on zine #7 in this SND series.

The Crystal Rose Lending Library owns copies of only the first two zines in the set. WFOL Finally Online is pleased to present this hard-to-find series in its entirety. 

Artwork by the author (volumes 1 and 2) and by Kathy Fidge (volumes 3 - 6)


The Zines:

How Shall I Hold My Soul

To Dream a Dream

All Things Are Possible

Dancing Light

Dreams of the Heart

A Time To Love


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