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Our dear friend and renowned and prolific artist, Sandy Chandler Shelton, loved and lived Beauty and the Beast, and it was very important to her to encourage new artists. So for the 7th year in a row, we feature a selection of Beauty and the Beast art by DeviantArt artists. Please consider following Chan's example: click through to the artists' DeviantArt pages and leave them a word of thanks or praise. (In case you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Chan's art, you'll find her DeviantArt gallery here.)

Pictures below are posted with the permission of the artist. (Thank you, artists!) Enjoy!

Lenka-Sluvoka - Vincent

Rinkusu001 - Vincent

  AnitaBurnevik -Vincent from Beauty and the Beast

AnitaBurnevik - Vincent from Beauty and the Beast. #2

Kevin11s-girl - sketch Vincent and Catherine

Dogfreak1233 - Vincent

melihturer - Vincent

TellTaleHeart88 -  I'm Not Afraid of You

HellboySoto - Silk

HellboySoto - SOTO's Vincent for The Freak 4

goldschopf - Vincent2

Balboawan - Vincent, la Bestia

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