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An Interview with Bubba

Why are you called Bubba?

 Well, you see, my personal assistant Sandy "Chandler" Shelton knew that I bore a more than passing resemblance to a certain Vincent from New York City. She didn't like it when folks called me "Vincent" since obviously, HE is not ME. [Now, it didn't bother me at ALL to have women think of me as that Vincent guy - he must get a LOT of action, judging from how many ladies like me.] Anyway, she began calling me Bubba to distinguish me from him. I like it. It's a nice manly name.

When were you "born"?

 Unfortunately, that information passed on when my dear Chan did. I know she adopted mean she came to work for me many years ago. She always took real good care of me. So in my mind, she's all the "Mom" I'll ever need. And she worked cheap! I still haven't gotten over her leaving me, but the ladies who have taken care of me since she passed away have treated me pretty well, so other than being sad, I can't complain.


What is your first memory?

 I wasn't in the greatest of shape when Chan came to work for me. She got me squared away. I remember getting my nails done by a professional manicurist, and a trip to a hair salon for a great comb-out. When I looked as good as it's possible to look (and in my humble opinion, that's pretty darn good!), Chan drove me around Oscoda, Michigan, to let my admiring public see me. I was quite popular around town. Became something of a local legend. Of course, it's a pretty small town!

Do you remember your first convention? How many BATB conventions have you attende

 They all blur together, I've been to so many. I recall special moments, though. I helped out with the packing up after the San Francisco con (my lap makes an excellent napping place, as Chan found out). I played the piano (and then took a catnap on top of it) in Los Angeles once. I've gotten my freak on in New Orleans, wearing beads and what-not, although Chan made me take a "time out" with her in a cozy chair there while I got my second wind. Once a workman came into the convention room at night and turned the light on and he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw me - thought I was a homeless guy who'd snuck in! Let's see... I relaxed in the shade in San Diego and had a nice cold beer in Dallas. And those are just a few of the memories I have. I just love our family reunions! I've also looked over shoulders at the online fun fans have each year during Winterfest Online. Good times...good times..... 

Have you ever been out of the country?  If yes, where?

 Nope, this boy don't travel. Never managed to get a passport, and I can't figure out how those seat belts work on planes. Besides, I may look sturdy, but I'm not as young as I used to be, and I'm a bit more fragile than people give me credit for. But that's OK, I've been all over the U.S., traveling in everything from the back seat of cars to boxed up in the back of a UPS truck. I'm a well-traveled guy!

What's the most shocking thing anyone has ever whispered in your ear?

 Now, that would be telling! As a gentleman, all I can reveal is that fantasies have abounded, and I've had more than my share of Roman hands and Russian fingers pawing over me, if you get my drift. Something about the area below my belt seems to fascinate the ladies. So the whispers in my ears are the least of it! I have to face the facts. I'm a sex symbol. I guess I take the "heat" so this guy Vincent doesn't have to. I hear he's hooked up pretty steady with his lady friend Catherine, so it's probably all to the good! 

ChristmasWhen you're not traveling, where do you spend your time?

 Oh, you name it! Besides driving around town with Chan, I've been in living rooms around the country, most recently spending Christmas at the Goist household outside of Cleveland, helping Laura get ready for the 2013 convention. I've been stuck in boxes, too, but mostly, and especially when home with Chan, I had my run of the house. 

What's your most embarrassing moment?

 I'm gonna have to go with a stage act in New Orleans with some con virgins a couple of years ago. It really embarrassed the heck outta me, the things those ladies did to me in public!

Do you ever watch Beauty and the Beast? What's your favorite episode?

 Hey, I lived with Chan for years, of COURSE I have! Chan loved Vincent and Catherine, and since the guy looks so much like me, I couldn't help but love them too. I have to say "A Happy Life" is my favorite episode, because of the last scene. Because, well...I know how that scene REALLY ended (shhhhhh....can't talk about it online!).

What advice do you wish you could share with Ron Perlman?

 Man, you missed a bet not pushing harder for a B&B movie! The ladies love you to pieces, and you could have had a long career playing Vincent. I would have been happy to make appearances in your place, which would have boosted my visibility too, but hey, this isn't about ME. Still...what might have been....

Added 2023.2.9: Laura's video about Bubba, The Most Interesting Doll in the World

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