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What are you doing down here? Why are you here?

Catherine asked this of Vincent, but look at his chamber. It's a wondrous place.

Lady Justice with sword and scales, a bust of Benjamin Franklin resting on the balance.
Replicas of the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument.
A small silver knight in full armor, sword raised. A whale's scrimshawed tooth.

And surely everything in the room has a story.

So each of us chose a keepsake, explored its history, asked those same questions –

What are you doing here? Where were you found?
Why did you matter
then ... because, of course, you matter still.



SandyX - The Things He Keeps Video (click to play)

Carole – The Broken Headlamp

Aliset – The Jukebox

Ophelia – His Copy of Great Expectations

Cyndi – The Trunk

Olivia K. Goode – The Little White Elephant

Michelle – The Geode

JoAnn – The Lady with the Vase



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