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Tech requirements

To enjoy everything WFOL has to offer you will need the following:

A reasonably up-to-date browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Others likely work as well, but these are the ones we've tested.

Adobe Flash Player, available at

Java, available from A few games are java based.

A .pdf reader. If you don't like Adobe Reader, try Foxit Reader.

A media player which can play .wmv and .mp4 (video) and .mp3 (audio) files. If you don't have Windows Media Player, try the free VLC media player.

It will also be much more possible to actually play the media if you have broadband internet access. But dialup folks, don't despair - there are lots of things to see and do that don't require broadband.

Javascript and cookies enabled. (If you don't know what these are, they're probably enabled, so don't worry.)