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Winterfest Online 2011

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January 29 - February 6
Chest of treasure the folks Below donated to the nuns

Every year, Winterfest Online celebrates all things “Beauty and the Beast.” In the spirit of the Tunnels, we select a charity to sponsor during our annual online celebration. This is part of a larger tradition of our fandom, to couple our gatherings with collections for charities – whether it be a canned goods drive during a monthly fan club meeting or a collectibles auction to support a convention charityF

Winterfest Online has supported a number of worthy charities in years past, made possible by fans contributing funds and bidding on Ebay auctions designed to raise money for our selected charities. Thousands of dollars have been raised over the years from these efforts. We know our fandom is generous, and we hope this year, despite the economy, that generosity will lead to a large contribution to the 2011 WFOL charity:

Global Links

Total Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Post-WF
$1,131.96  $90  $5  $100  $5  $60  $55  $50  $265  $190  $10 

$830 + ebay $301.96 = $1,131.96

Founded in 1989 by three women who had worked together and traveled extensively, seeing first-hand the critical need for basic hospital supplies around the world, Global Links is a medical relief agency which promotes the redistribution of medical supplies to improve health services in developing countries. By redirecting still-useful medical supplies bound for U.S. landfills, Global Links encourages environmental stewardship. Global Links works directly with hospitals, organizing the receipt and redistribution of materials that otherwise would be thrown away, from suture kits to delivery tables.

In this era of economic hardship, we are learning the value of the phrase “reduce, reuse and recycle” – a necessity the Tunnel community would understand! Global Links does this on a grand scale – helping hospitals reduce the disposal of still-useful equipment and supplies, directing those goods to facilities in countries which desperately need them for use, and thus recycling in an innovative way.

As Global Links’ website says: People in other countries are literally dying for what we throw away.

Global Links has the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator. Read more about them on their website or read Charity Navigator’s review of the organization.

Father and Mary undoubtedly equipped their medical facilities Below in exactly the way that Global Links is equipping medical facilities worldwide. So let’s be Helpers to the world in their honor! There are several ways you can contribute to WFOL’s 2011 charity:
  • Bid on and win one of the auctions which will be posted on Ebay during WFOL by seller santiago23.
  • Send a contribution via Paypal.
  • Mail a check or money order.
JoAnn Baca will collect all checks, Paypal donations, and auction proceeds, and forward them along with a letter to the charity advising them of our collective effort to raise funds on their behalf. Here's JoAnn's address and a Paypal donation link.
JoAnn Baca
5560 Redland Drive
San Diego, CA 92115


Check the charity page daily, where we will post updates on contributions received.

Enjoy Winterfest! And please consider participating in one of fandom’s most venerable traditions by making a contribution to the WFOL charity!

Items on auction on ebay- $301.96

Donations at past Winterfests
2006 $800.00 Doctors Without Borders
2007 $679.99 CARE
2008 $736.15 Save the Children
2009 $950.81 Direct Relief International
2010 $1.202.74 FINCA International
2011 $1,131.96 Global LinksThank you letter from Global Links