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The Hat on the Bench in Central Park

The Hat on the Bench in Central Park (PDF, 3.1 MB)

From the Qfer:
produced by Becky Bain and Beth Druhan
July 1997
Rating: PG
Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 97 p, typeset in smallish type.
Art information: No art, b/w photo cover.
Ordering Information: Out of Print

Additional Information: This zine set its writers a task: "What would you get if you offered several Beauty and the Beast writers a single image and then let their imaginations run wild...?" The image, in this case, is the titular hat. In Becky Bain's "Lucky Cap," straying tunnel children have befriended an old man who frequents a certain park bench and goes missing...and is suspected of being a child molester;. Beth Druhan's "Angelo Harper" puts Angelo, a neglected and very ill child, at the center of a search for his beloved protector, Tilly - an elderly street person. "Moira's Veil" by Margaret Davis is a ghost story, of sorts, in which the veil, down through the years, shows a special power. "Hat Trick" by Cynthia Hatch is a detective story with Catherine uneasily trying to cope with the ramifications of having picked up what seems a discarded hat. Carol Kyne's "Trials and Tears" has Vincent showing up at Catherine's apartment having forgotten to remove a hat he'd been wearing while enacting Robinson Crusoe for the children Below.