Sally says:

It is my pleasure and honor to contribute artwork to Winterfest Online 2006.  I haven’t drawn anything in years, but it’s about time for me to dust off the old pencils! 

I fell in love with Beauty and the Beast almost from the beginning, missing the pilot but catching “Terrible Savior.” I was hooked! Eight o’clock on Friday nights couldn’t come fast enough!  I found fandom through an editorial in a newspaper that mentioned Pipeline, a wonderful B&B newsletter that the “older” fans will remember.  (Ah, those were the days – Pipeline, OUT…IN, Lionheart, Helpers’ Network, among many others, and 1-800-VINCENT!!)  Through Pipeline, my sister Liz and I met fans here in NJ, who are now some of our closest friends. 

I was inspired to draw when I discovered fanzines with all the wonderful illustrations. It was serendipitous when two of my friends, Roseann Buonadies and Lorraine Cirelli (Gupton), got the bug at the same time to publish their own zines, so they used a few of my drawings in “A Prince Among Men,” for which I did the cover, and “A Love for All Seasons,” cover art by our wonderful artist friend, Janice Durr.

I really enjoyed doing the B&W graphic drawings on my 10-inch-screen Mac computer at work in 1992, using MacDraw. (Shame on me!  I was supposed to be teaching myself Microsoft Word – LOL.). I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun experimenting!  Using a copier, I shrank them and made laminated magnets, which we gave as prizes at our Winterfest that year. 

My favorite medium is graphite pencils, but I also enjoy using colored pencils and pastels.  The graphite drawings, unfortunately, lost some of the detail when scanned, especially “Providence” and “Vincent and Father.” (Roy Dotrice has the original of that one.)  My two favorite drawings here are “Contemplation” and “Hungry Eyes.” The drawing entitled “Sleeping Vincent” was done in pen and ink (not my forte, obviously).  I used it on nightshirts years ago.  The only color piece here is an oil painting entitled “Blue Vincent.” It was my first and favorite of three paintings, but with cats in the house, I decided to put away the oils for a less “hazardous” medium. 

I hope you enjoy them, and I wish all of you peace and prosperity in these hard times, happiness in the coming year, and love always.  See you in Denver!


Sally Perkins