In Celebration and Appreciation



Beauty and the Beast... it was a show like no other.

Seventeen years later, here we are - still celebrating together, still sharing our thoughts and feelings, still trying to live by values which held meaning for us, and still excited by the art, stories, and poetry that so many fans have produced.
In keeping with the virtual nature of our festivities, Winterfest Online 2005 brings you interviews with several generous and creative souls who have, for years, allowed their work to be presented online. They have graciously shared their talents with us in a variety of ways over the years, and have greatly enriched our lives and imaginations by doing so.
We hope that you enjoy meeting them through their interviews which we are posting one at a time during Winterfest, and we encourage you to let them know what their works mean to you.  A
Guestbook is provided  if you would like to leave a message for our guests.   Just click on the pen below.
Obviously, this is only a small group of those whose creativity was sparked by Beauty and the Beast: many others all over the world have also enriched the fandom with their creativity. Our heartfelt "thank you" is sent to all of them.

Text Box: Jamie Murray
Text Box: Joann Baca
Text Box: Becky Bain
Text Box: Lynn Wright
Text Box: Rosemarie Hauer
Writer/ Artist
Text Box:  Joan Stephens
Text Box: Clare Sieffert
Text Box: Teri  “Checkmate”
Text Box: Cynthia Hatch