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Joan Stephens
1930 - 2013

Joan Stephens entertained many of us with the numerous stories she published both online and in the conzines, everything from vignettes to zine length stories. Her varied interests or curiosity-driven new discoveries would occasionally turn up in her writing.

Joan--ever curious

Most of those who have regularly attended the summer conventions knew Joan; her enthusiasm for engaging in the convention was contagious. She was the sort of person who never knew a stranger and enjoyed whatever was around her, simply enjoyed life.

Two-fisted bingo player

Family was the most important part of her life, and she was engaged in several activities within her community; but another major interest for her was Beauty and the Beast. In the past couple of decades, she attended conventions, prolifically wrote fanfiction, helped with the Scripts and Transcriptions Project, and worked as one of the Wintercandlemakers. She wasn’t shy about wearing one of her many Beauty and the Beast T-shirts when she went out...

Joan in some of her many T-Shirts (and some festive attire)

...and she was always willing to talk about the show if someone noticed and mentioned it.

Joan, talking about the show.

She was always willing to provide a sympathetic ear, a conversation, a shoulder to cry on, or to enjoy a good joke or story--or some handsome escorts.

Joan with Lucky and Chance at the Dallas Con

Although Vincent and Catherine were important, Beauty and the Beast may have also appealed to her because the spirit of the tunnels was such a natural part of her. She accepted and respected people simply for who they were. She may not have realized that many of those around her recognized that quality in her, but it would probably be one of the elements of her legacy in which she would take great pride. It's certainly one that makes us proud to have known her.

Goodbye, dear Joan. We'll miss you.

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