How to request an addition to the Circle
and/or report a problem with the memorial pages.

Do you have a name you'd like to see added to the Circle? Or a broken link you'd like to report?

The Circle is maintained here at the Mirror Pool as a memorial to fans, cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast who are no longer with us. If you know of someone who should be added, please let us know.

We will need:

  • Name of the person to be added
  • Year of passing
  • A picture, if possible. A headshot is best. We will reduce it to 100 pixels x 100 pixels. If no headshot is available, we will use the red rose you see on other entries.
  • A link to an obituary, if available. If not, you may submit a brief paragraph for the bios page.

Neither the headshot or bio is required. If you don't have them, we can still add the name.

Please send the name and any information you have to the Winter Candlemakers.

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