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Winterfest Online 2022

February 12 - 20

Preferences: English | All Season

Every day during Winterfest we will conduct a poll on various topics relating to the series.
Just for fun, we decided a poll on the food that might, or might not, be found in the tunnels could prove interesting.
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Ninth Poll: William is exhausted from all his hard work, and what he really needs is a good sous- chef. Who would be the best match for him?

Eighth Poll: Catherine gifts William with an order from her favorite gourmet shop. What does she send him?

Seventh Poll: William decides to hold a cooking class for the children. What is their first project?

Sixth Poll: What is Williamís favorite go-to for holiday meal preparations?

Fifth Poll: Vincent asks William to help him prepare a special treat for Catherine. What do they make?

Fourth Poll: What is at the top of Williamís kitchen wish list?

Third Poll: William decides to make a special treat for Father. Which traditional English dish does he prepare?

Second Poll: Where did William learn to cook?

First Poll: William often appears to be grumpy, but what is he really like?