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Sunday, 20 February 2022

It’s our last day of Winterfest already? We’ll miss all the smiles in the passageways as we go about our days. But – there’s still today!

There’s a summer convention for those of you who would like to meet others face to face in the real world. If you’re even entertaining the thought of going, there’s a final Con Q&A chat at 3pm EST where you can ask any questions you may have.

The last “of the day” activities will be up today. You won’t be able to add to any of them after today, or the Mosaic stories, but you'll still be able to read what’s there. Most of the games will be playable, and most submissions will still be there to enjoy too.

The charity auction has ended, but donations can still be accepted. So far, we have close to $900 in donations that will go to Doctors Without Borders, and that's before adding in the fundraising amounts. There’s still time to donate if real life allows.

If you struggled with the treasure hunt or the bathing chamber, walkthroughs for both will be posted today.

Our closing ceremony will be posted this afternoon, and you can go through virtually on your own schedule, or join our Zoom chat and go through in a group.

Next year will be WFOL #20! How will you help make it the best one yet?

Enjoy the last hours of WFOL 2022! :-)

Saturday, 19 February 2022

Wow, where did the time go? It's our next to last day of Winterfest (sigh). No time for whining, let's enjoy these last two days!

We have 3 Zoom chats for today. A poetry reading with Rosemarie and two with Linda, a B&B Trivia game and a reading of "That's Entertainment!". Check the chat schedule for times and links.

There's still time to check out the new submissions, to lend a helping hand on some of the jigsaws or join your fellow fans in one of the chatrooms. Some of you might only meet during Winterfest, so take the chance!

Have you left your mark in the painted tunnels? Added your thoughts to the daily questions? Drabbled a drabble? Maybe try a poem or add to the mosaic stories? It's almost time to wrap them up.

Don't miss our feedback & suggestions chat at 8 pm. We would love to hear from you as it helps us to improve Winterfest Online.

Do you have a bid on one of our auction items or are you still considering it? Auctions end today - so pay attention to ending times. If nothing has awakened your interest, you may consider donating to our charity if possible.

One last thing. If you are in need of a shower - you may want to line up for the Bathing Chamber. ;-) Watch out for the traffic in that direction, though. For some reason there's a lot of talk today about needing a Saturday bath.

Friday, 18 February 2022

Are you a Devin fan? If you are, you might want to join the Pizza Party tonight. It’s both Devin episodes back to back – with pizza. So BYOP, cue up “Promises of Someday”, and talk with fellow Devin fans while you watch. Following the episodes, there’s a zine reading of Sibling Ribaldry on Zoom. Yup, more Devin! :-)

Have you tried the Treasure Hunt? Did you get through it, or did you get stuck somewhere? If you feel the need, there’s a Treasure Hunt Hints and Help Chat at 9pm EST tonight. We ask again though: if you want to publicly help someone else, please only give hints rather than outright answers. Lots of our guests like to figure things out for themselves, and it’s sort of like someone telling them how the book ends when they’re still only a few chapters in.

There are still games, daily questions to discuss, challenges to meet, drabbles, beastlibs, and games like Mahjong, Racctionary, Hangbeast and such. If something you’re looking for isn’t there, click on More Games and it’s likely to appear. We had too many games for one game nook this year. Isn’t that a nice problem to have?

New today:
  • Scattergories – 3pm on Zoom with Laura
  • Pizza Party – The two episodes mentioned above and a Zoom zine reading
Enjoy your day, and try to meet someone new in your wanderings. You never know where a new friend may turn up.

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Drum roll...

It's Winterfest Thursday, so that must mean it's Treasure Hunt day! Grab your hiking boots, put on your thinking caps and start hunting! Where do I start, you ask? Begin by finding a treasure chest in one of the main chambers of the Great Hall.

If you need help or want to give it, please give HINTS, not full answers. No spoilers! That's in the group as well as in the chatrooms, which are always a good place to find a helping hand. Please don't ruin the fun for anyone who may be starting late. There will be a specific Treasure Hunt Hints and Helps hour in the chatroom at 8pm EST. (And for those of you who perpetually complain that the treasure hunt is too hard, remember that it's supposed to be a challenge. We'll post a walkthrough later in the week.)

"BATB Show and Tell" - Show us your collected BATB treasures and share your why, how, when and where stories about them with us. Linda awaits you and your treasures at 9 pm on Zoom.

Are your virtual feet sore but not your hands? We have a craft demo with Katie at noon. Or maybe playing some games or joining an episode chat or one of the themed chats is more to your liking. And don't forget your daily homework! :-)

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

We hope you’re still having fun. There’s plenty left to do and see.

You might check the charity auctions on the upper right in the Great Hall to see if there’s something that would interest you – from a few original costume pieces used in episodes the show, autographed zines or paraphernalia, to fan-made crafts. All proceeds from the auction go to this year’s charity. If you aren’t a collector and your budget allows, you could simply make a donation to this year’s charity by clicking on Doctors Without Borders in the Helper’s Nook and scrolling down to the “Donate” button.

There are a couple of episode chats today that allow us to relax, cue up the episode, start it together and discuss, gripe, or sigh at what’s in the story.

If you’re a newbie to our enthusiasm for the show and want to catch up on the lingo or look for other sites in the Beauty and the Beast Community, check Fandom 101 in the Helper’s Nook.

New for today’s excursion through the tunnels include:
  • A zine reading at 3:00PM EST/9:00PM CET
  • A logic puzzle in the Game Nook
We’ll leave you to your exploring now. Have fun!

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Our Zooms today are a craft demo with Katie, a visit with the CHSBB folks, and a cooking demo with CB. Shakespearean desserts sound interesting, yes? Find the recipes in William's kitchen. And while you're there, check out the kitchen poll and see what William might be up to.

While wandering the tunnels, be on the lookout for new submissions. Do your daily 'exercises'. Give our painted tunnels some color - paint what you like or use the prompt for inspiration. If you're feeling alone down here, the chatrooms always grant you some company - play a game, watch an epi together, discuss BATB or just visit. Consult the chat schedule in the Conversation Corner for specifics.

Someone called you crazy because you collect lions or roses or BATB stuff? Read the Guest Bios in the Conversation Corner to find out that you are probably not the only one. ;-) And maybe consider telling us something about yourself and your own brand of 'crazy'. If you want to start your collection or add to it, our charity auction might be a good place. "Lots of great stuff!" Mouse would say. There will be new items each day and all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

Today you'll also find a new matching game, First Words, in the Game Nook. Missing some older ones? Don't worry, they've only moved over to 'more games'. We needed some more space, which is a good thing, isn't it? Thanks, Kanin, for your help. ;-)

One last thing: if we've got your muse rolling, if you have ideas, finished/unfinished poems, readings, fanfics, videos, crafts, art... remember, you can add your submissions til the very last day of WFOL. So start wrapping it up or just start, there's still time and we love to see and hear - ALL of it. :-)

Questions? Tap on the pipes

Off you go, have fun!

Monday, 14 February 2022

Have you lit your candle? Joined a chat conversation? Tried a community jigsaw?

After running around the tunnels for the last couple of days, are you getting tired yet? If you are, you could get yourself a cup of tea or one of those Winterfest martinis or a hot cocoa and sit down with friends to enjoy story time. Sit back, prop your feet up, and let someone read to you.

New today:

A zine reading at Noon EST (6:00PM CET)

CABB's Valentine's Day Challenge Stories

New “Of the Day” activities to try

Even if you don’t feel like putting your poetry out there, you can read some of the poetry others have written for the Library’s Daily Poetry Challenge. Maybe a Question of the Day in the Conversation Corner might be more to your liking. Seeing other opinions on questions about relationships or situations from Beauty and the Beast might entertain you, and it may even make you want to add your own opinion. If you don’t feel up to writing a story yourself, you could add a line or two to one of the ongoing Mosaic stories – or just read to see what others have done. Or try a BeastLib.

Keep exploring and find what makes you happy. It’s bound to be here somewhere. And we love to see you smile!

Sunday, 13 February 2022

Good morning!

Are you awake already, or still? :-) We hope you enjoyed your first day and are ready for new things to explore.

So what treats do we have on our timetable today? If you are going to this year's Con in Wichita - or considering it - Katie will give us information and answer questions at 3pm EST on Zoom.

Looking for a Valentine's gift? Join Cindy's craft demo on Zoom at 7pm EST to create a paper rose. The link to the instructions is in the Fine Arts Gallery.

At 9 pm, also on Zoom, is Karen's presentation about the Heroine's Journey. Rather than in your typical hero's journey, where the hero must tackle every struggle alone, a heroine gathers friends to help her solve the problem. That was Heroine's Journey 101, but come and see the whole presentation! :-)

Get to all the Zoom chats by clicking on the appropriate link in the chat schedule.

Can you match Art to its Artist? Try the new match game starring Catherine in the Game nook.

Don't forget to look for new submissions or maybe settle down in the Library again and join Father for a good story. Add your two cents to the Caption This, Mosaic stories, or Questions of the day, write a drabble or a poem or try some of the daily games.

Have you tried the Community Jigsaw puzzles? We have 500 and 1000 piece puzzles that multiple people can work on at the same time. if you're a frequent puzzler, you may love these!

Have we forgotten something? If so, we're pretty sure you'll find it anyway. :-)

Now off you go, have fun!

Saturday, 12 February 2022

Welcome to Winterfest! Whether you’re a longtime guest, brand new, or anything in between, we’re so glad all of you can be here.

If you want to catch up with old friends and acquaintances or meet new ones, there’s a welcome chat today at 11am EST on Zoom, and there will be other chats, discussions and workshop classes throughout Winterfest. If Zoom sounds like a mystery to you, go to the Conversation Corner in the Great Hall, look for Chat Schedule, and you’ll find a Zoom 101 link to help. Keep scrolling down to find the chat schedule, followed by links to help with time zone conversions and descriptions of the various chats.

For those of you who like to imbibe something with a little more kick than Father’s tea now and then, there’s a mixed drinks class at 7pm EST, also on Zoom. Word has it that hot cocoa instructions follow the Winterfest martini.

Now, sojourners, go forth and explore what the Great Hall offers – stories and Daily Challenges in the Library, peeks into Vincent’s Chamber, the Fine Arts Gallery, the Listening Chamber, games, the Conversation Corner. More will appear daily, so keep looking. If you check here in the Pipe Chamber each day, Pascal will keep you up to date about what’s new.

With all the running around looking for things, somebody is bound to get lost now and then. If that somebody is you, remember that clicking on the blue circular Winterfest logo will take you back to the Great Hall. Clicking on the forward or back candles will take you to the next chamber. If you need help, send us an email.

Have fun! We’re looking forward to seeing you around the tunnels.

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