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You are invited to join us for a time of togetherness; celebrating the friends we love, the show we love, the good times we share, making new and lasting memories for the rest of lives in Wichita, Kansas this July 29th-31st at Above, Below & Beyond: A 35th Anniversary Celebration.

The gorgeous, historic Drury Plaza Broadview hotel will be our “headquarters” before, during, and after the convention. Not only is this hotel grand and beautiful, situated on the riverfront, but it has an incredible history that is written everywhere that you look. The staff are incredibly welcoming and accommodating and all who stay here will have their own kitchenette in their room as well as cocktails and food each dinner hour provided by the hotel. Breakfast is included as well : ) Our convention activities will be held in one of their large halls and will be ours to use from early morning till late night. Also, bring your bathing suits as the two hot tubs and pool are lovely for relaxing and socializing too.

While the convention will be held the 29th-31st, we will be having fun-day activities that also include the Thursday before the Con and the following Monday and Tuesday. So feel free to book for part of that time, all of it (Wed to Wed), or just for the convention. While there are quite a few fun activities to check out here in Wichita like: Baseball games less than a mile away at the new stadium, Mosely Street Melodrama dinner theater, The Wichita Art Museum, Tanganyika Wildlife Park, Pinot’s Palette, The “hidden” Speakeasy *shhhh*, The Cigar Room & Bar, Sunflower Swing Dancing, and a heck of a lot more; we are still getting our Fun-Day activities nailed down for each day. Thus far we are looking at getting tickets for The Wizard of Oz musical conveniently located across the street from our hotel, going to Botanica for a breathtaking walk through the gardens and a honey tasting, visiting The Museum of World Treasures located in the downtown as well, and historic Cowtown which holds the original buildings from the pioneering days of Wichita. More info on that will be coming along as we get closer to the summer.

Convention activities will be quite layered and diverse this year! We, of course, will be celebrating some traditional favorites like Beast Bingo and White Stuff and having an auction, but will be adding some activities as well to get the writing juices pumpin’, even get the hearts a’pumpin’ too *hehe!* -- involving some late night dancing and karaoke, even some steamy stories to go over and 3rd season discussions. Scattergories seems to be such a crowd-pleaser, why not include it as well?! There is going to be a wide variety of activities and events to be a part of at the convention this summer. Including a very secretive, off-campus Banquet Night!! This night is what pulls EVERYTHING together for this Con and is the reason why the convention is being held in Wichita and for the exact dates that it is being planned upon. Remember to bring whatever tunnel clothes that you would feel comfortable in for that night!

And just so you know, Sex-Trafficking/Human-Trafficking is a huge world-wide issue but also a big issue in Wichita as we have all major highways going throughout the US converging here and an international airport as well. Our local organization that we are raising funds for is ICT SOS. ICT SOS is a project-based organization that acts as a liaison between specific local professional groups who work with trafficked youth and adults, and the Wichita volunteers who seek ways to be involved in finding solutions to fight sex trafficking. Essentially, we are supporting the people and programs that help formerly trafficked people get a new start and healing in their lives.

We can’t wait to see you here in Wichita for this exciting and joyful time together! So much awaits you. If you need help with anything, figuring out transportation, roommates, best routes to get here, etc., always check the con website for answers (because most are there!) but feel free to contact the team or myself for help.

Be well Friends,

From Catherine e. your 2022 Con Chair & the Planning Team

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