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As we once again celebrate Winterfest Online together, we continue our fandom convention tradition of selecting a charity, and holding auctions and collecting donations to benefit it. Each year’s WFOL selections and donation totals are listed below, showing how this fandom has come together over the years to have fun and do good at the same time! By carrying on this tradition, we honor the series’ ethos to carry the light, each in our own way, and try to make the world a little better for others. This year, the WFOL charity is

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is an international independent humanitarian medical organization which provides assistance to people affected by armed conflict, malnutrition, natural disasters, during epidemics, in long-term care settings and more in over 70 countries. DWB provides medical care for millions of patients every year – tens of millions since its founding in 1971. And when we consider specifically how DWB is taking action during the Covid-19 pandemic, selecting DWB - which previously has been a WFOL-selected charity, including last year - is just as relevant a choice for 2022. Yet one of their biggest challenges right now is securing funding in an uncertain economic climate. As the need for DWB's services grows, addressing this challenge becomes more critical.

While we cannot go where DWB goes nor do what they do, we adhere to the Tunnel philosophy of giving help when needed, and this is what we can do: provide, in at least a small way, some financial assistance to aid the work of this worthy global organization.

To learn more about all the ways DWB helps across the world, go to their website:

Contributions will be accepted throughout Winterfest Online. There are several easy ways to contribute. You can, of course, send funds directly to DWB, if that’s how you feel most comfortable contributing. But we would like to send one check in the name of Winterfest Online to DWB, along with a letter explaining our efforts. If that appeals to you, please consider contributing by submitting funds through Paypal.

Here’s how to do it – it’s easy!

Just click on the Donate button below. JoAnn Baca is collecting our contributions, so hers is the e-mail address you’ll see. Enter the amount you wish to contribute and click the Donate with Paypal button, then follow the directions on the screen. You can pay with a debit or credit card, a bank account, or Paypal balance. You can use Paypal from outside the U.S. to send a contribution in a variety of currencies, which will be converted into U.S. dollars.

Please choose the Friends and Family option when you use Paypal. New IRS rules can impose tax consequences on the recipient for other payment types.

Another way to contribute is to send a check made out to Doctors Without Borders, and JoAnn can include it in the envelope along with the consolidated Paypal contributions (plus funds received for auction sales). Send it to her at:

JoAnn Baca
5560 Redland Drive
San Diego, CA 92115


Please check out the great group of auction items on Ebay that were contributed by several fans, all of which are being sold to raise funds for DWB! The seller is “santiago23” and all funds raised in the auctions will be added to the check being sent to DWB after Winterfest Online ends.

We hope you’ll agree that Doctors Without Borders is a great charity worthy of your assistance. Think of all the fun you are having during the nine days of Winterfest Online and consider paying it forward in a tangible way: with a donation to the Winterfest Online charity!

Items on auction on ebay- $940.29

Donations at past Winterfests
2006 $800.00 Doctors Without Borders
2007 $679.99 CARE
2008 $736.15 Save the Children
2009 $950.81 Direct Relief International
2010 $1,202.74 FINCA International
2011 $1,131.96 Global Links
2012 $1,356.66 Doctors Without Borders
2013 $1,796.96
2014 $2,000.49 Camfed
2015 $2,141.01 Partners in Health
2016 $1,876.74 International Rescue Comittee
2017 $1,919.27 Crisis Aid International
2018 $1,519.51 Direct Relief International
2019 $1,739.60 Shelter Box
2020 $1,818.60 Trickle Up
2021 $2,054.00 Doctors Without Borders
2022 $3,100.00 Doctors Without Borders