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First Words

Winterfest Online 2022

February 12 - 20
Preferences: English | All Season
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Characters made their entrance in many ways. Some opened their mouths and memorable lines came out. Others’ first words gave little insight into their eventual impact in an episode. Some of them became series regulars, others were only in a scene or two. But each uttered a “first line” and your challenge is to match them to theirs.

If you can’t remember some of these characters, there’s a HINT.

Click a number in the left column and a letter in the right column to make a match. If you make a selection and change your mind later, clicking on the number and a new letter will "release" the original letter so you can assign it elsewhere.

When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Press the Reset Answers button to clear your selections and start over.

 Column 1 Input  Episode
 Well, it’s hard to keep something like this quiet. (Hint: Pilot)
 Anna Lausch
 She didn’t resist the last time. (Hint: TS)
 I want you to come up to Westport. (Hint: AHL)
 Colin Hemmings
 “Thou mak’st me sad, and mak’st me sin in envy” (Hint:AFAPK)
 Donald Pratt/Jamie Harland
 Keep a close watch. (Hint: Pilot)
  Dr. Grafton
 You said that last year. (Hint: DOW)
  Elliot Burch
 No, not yet. (Hint: AGR)
 Stop! Stop the car! (Hint: EIE)
  Henry Dutton
 Can you put a price tag on magic? (Hint: Siege)
 Colin! (Hint: Arabesque)
  Jason Walker
 Perhaps I can be of some help? (Hint: Bluebird)
  Kanin Evans
 Hey, Cathy! (Hint: DTASS)
  Kristopher Gentian
 Whatever you decide, though, doesn’t affect your entitlement. (Hint: Orphans)
 Mr. Taggart’s expecting your call. (Hint: Arabesque)
  Lisa Campbell
 Extraordinary, isn’t it? (Hint: NIBAC)
 I hope I’m not interrupting? (Hint: SOO)
  Lt. Herman
 Gimme my racket any day. (Hint: DOW)
  Margaret Chase
 Cathy, I can see you. (Hint: The Watcher)
  Mark Coolidge
 I don’t know what’s happening to me. (Hint: GBTC)
  Michael Richmond
 Just know how. (Hint: Chamber Music)
  Mischa Langer
 Morning! (Hint: Pilot)
  Mr. Smythe
 Can you talk, mister? (Hint: NWD)
  Nancy Tucker
 Masks make life so interesting. (Hint: Masques)
  Professor Hughes
 So how can I help you? (Hint: AHL)
 Bring me the face. (Hint: DOW)
 My God! (Hint: Siege)
  Steven Bass
 Still no answer? (Hint: SOO)
 Try this one. (Hint: Bluebird)
  The Watcher
 You’re safe…you’re safe now. (Hint: Pilot)
  Tony Ramos
 Better than the movies. (Hint: NIBAC)