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Art to Artist

Winterfest Online 2022

February 12 - 20
Preferences: English | All Season
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Click the number under a picture and the letter next to the artist that you think created it.

If you make a selection and change your mind later, clicking on the number and a new letter will "release" the original letter so you can assign it elsewhere.

When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Press the Reset Answers button to clear your selections and start over.

Belinda Wojcik Kathy Fidge Renate Haller
Catherine deMasque Katrina Rosmarie Hauer
Claire/Cosi Inez Brown Sandy Chandler Shelton
Clare Seiffert Lynn Wright Sandy Tew
Crowmama Lynette Combs Sonia MaCorral
Jamie Murray Olivia K. Goode Sue Krinard