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Vincent gazing off into a soft distance. In the background there’s an image of the table in the Great Hall with Father at its head and everyone’s candle is lit. Text reads: Winterfest - how far that little candle throws its beams (Shakespeare).
Vincent smiling with a pensive look on his face. In the background, an image of him removing the bar of the Great Hall door. Text reads: Winterfest - We shape ourselves to fit this world and by this world are shaped again. (David Whyte)
Vincent smiling as if across the room. In the background an image of Vincent and Catherine smiling widely at each other, Catherine holding a bunch of Winterfest candles in her arms. Text reads: Winterest - Is there any git greater than this joy? (from Vincent’s Journal)
Vincent and Catherine on the Great Hall dance floor as she asks him “do you dance?” In the blurred background, Kristopher is smiling while he serves drinks to the visitors. Text reads: Winterfest - the night has a special magic to it.
Vincent gazine out. In the background a single woman crosses a Central Park Bridge carrying a Winterfest candle. Text reads: Winterfest - Carry a candle in the dark, be a candle in the dark. (Ivan Illich)
Father gazes out in fond afftection. In the background an image of New York City at night. Text reads: Winterfest - beneath this city … a whole world. Come … Complete the Circle.
Catherine looks out with a happy but pensive expression on her face. She’s dressed in her Winterfest finery. Text reads: Winterfest - this is the bright home in which I live; this is where I invite my friends to come (David Whyte)
An image of Catherine being asked by Father to join the circle, their hands just touching.. Text reads: Winterfest - heart reaching out to heart, hand reaching out to hand.
Vincent smiling widely, his hands up tossing out sparkles and glitter. Text reads: Winterfest - There is no darkness.


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