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by Judy Loyd

Winter winds blow cold
As ice and snow the park enfolds
Snowflakes fall with winter’s bliss
And leave behind an icy kiss

But far Below, on a frosty night,
In a chamber lit by candlelight
There is warmth and so much love
Hidden from the world Above.

For here there lives a Family
And should you join us you’ll agree
That many search for such a quest
This gathering we call “Winterfest.”

We bid you welcome on this night
To sit beside our fire, so bright
And listen to a tale of old
So many times, by Father told.

Or sip a cup of hot mulled wine
From William’s hand before we dine.
And when the day begins to fade
Light a Winterfest candle Rebecca made.

And should you look most carefully
In a corner where few can see
A magical couple in leather and lace
Hold one another in a sweet embrace.

So be our guest... at our Winterfest!

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