2021 WFOL Charity Auction
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Auctions start 1:00 - 2:15 pm eastern time on Saturday, February 13

Auctions end 1:00 - 2:15 pm eastern time on Saturday, February 20

Proceeds of the Charity Auction go to this year's WFOL charity, Doctors Without Borders

The WFOL auctions are listed under seller name santiago23

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2021 WFOL Charity Auction Items

All auctions should be live by 2:30 pm eastern on Saturday and the list below will be updated with auction links shortly thereafter.

Follow this link to see all the auctions that are currently live.


Costume Pieces

Beauty and the Beast Original Show Costume Piece - Vest

Beauty and the Beast Original Show Costume Piece - Coat


Arts & Crafts

Handmade Trinket Box in Winterfest Colors

Rubber Wood Mounted Stamps - Bench, Door, Wall, Heart

Rubber Wood Mounted Stamps - Jungle Cats! Lion, Jaguar, Leopard

PSX Rubber Stamp, Rosa Rosaceae Botanical - Rose

Postcards of Fan-Created Beauty & the Beast Minature Scenes


Books & Fanfiction

Beauty & the Beast TV Novel, Autographed by author Barbara Hambly

Beauty & the Beast Light & Cloudshadows Fanzines - Zines #1 - 5 in the series by Kim Prosser & Lisa Swope

Beauty & the Beast Fanzines- Some Yummy, Hard to Find Ones! Includes Within the Silver Mirror, O Sweetest Song, Beyond Beginnings, and One Day, One Rapture.

Beauty & the Beast Fanzines - Forever & Always Vol 1 & 2 and Parallel Worlds Within the City

Five Conzines - South of Oz (1991), A Distant Shore II: Remember Love (2000), A Life Without Limits (2007), I Bid My Heart To Follow (2013), and Somewhere I have Never Traveled: The Lovers' Jouney (2015)

Four Conzines - A Life Without Limits (2007), A Life Without Limits II: A Renaissance Fantasy (2008), With Love All Things Are Possible (2018), and Crossing the Great Waters in Love's Name (2019)

10 Beauty and the Beast Zines - Instant Fanfic Library!

Beauty and the Beast Fanzine "Thighs & Whispers"



2 Vincent Art Prints by Patricia Davis

3 Vincent Art Prints by Rosemarie Hauer

5 Beauty and the Beast Art Prints by Sandy "Chan" Shelton

Original Drawing of Vincent by Mavin

Art Print of Vincent by tacs


More Great Items!

Beauty & the Beast License Plate Holder "Vincent & Catherine"

Beauty & the Beast Holiday Ornament - Winterfest Ornament with Vincent & Catherine art by Sandy "Chan" Shelton

Beauty & the Beast Bath Robe with Vincent & Catherine Art by Sandy "Chan" Shelton

Beauty and the Beast Calendars (1990 & 1991) New in Shrink-Wrap

Ron Perlman Autographed Photo from "The Magnificent Seven"

10 Official Beauty and the Beast Publicity Photos + 10 Additional Photos

Beauty and the Beast Vincent T-Shirt - Rare!

Beauty and the Beast Vincent & Catherine T-Shirt

Beauty and the Beast Fan Art Playing Cards

Hand Painted Lion Nesting Dolls

Large Gallo Pewter Vincent Pin


Added Auctions

(the one-day auctions will end between 9:00 and 9:15 pm est on Saturday, February 20th)

These seven pieces of Beauty and the Beast artwork were late arrivals and are being listed for just 24 hours! So bid now!

Vincent & Catherine #1 by Nicosia

Vincent & Catherine #2 by Nicosia

Vincent by Nicosia

Vincent's Hand by Lynette Combs

Color Print of Vincent by C.F.

Vincent in Color by Cynthia Box

Vincent in Black & White by Cynthia Box



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