The Candle Lighting map works best with IE and has been tested with 5.5 through version 8. Firefox will work but displays hover over tool tip information so it is somewhat hard to read.

If you are using an older or different type of browser then you may need to use the Manual Entry link to light your candle and it will show up in the text list rather than on the map. Older versions of browsers will allow you to click on the map but don`t support style sheets (css) and the candles will all be clustered in the upper left corner of the screen.

You can see a text listing of everyone who lit a candle with the View Text List option. This same information is displayed as alternate tool tip popup text when you hold your cursor over a candle as long as you have not turned that option off in your browser and you aren't using Firefox.

You can click on the refresh link to update the map and see any new candles that have been added while you are viewing it.

North America and Europe have larger maps that you can "zoom" to because of the higher density of fan population in those regions. Just click on those areas to display the larger versions. When adding a candle to those regions you first click on them to bring up the larger version and then click again to add your candle.

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