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Sunday, 23 February 2020

It’s the last day of Winterfest, so take full advantage of your time! If you haven’t participated in any of the interactive options like daily questions or challenges, mosaic stories, or art in the painted tunnels, you still have today to jump in and add your two cents. If you got right to the action and didn’t light your candle on the candle map or make your Winterfest wish yet, you can still do that. Have you made it through the treasure hunt yet?

We have an international group of guests here. There’s a goodbye chat for those from both sides of the Atlantic to say goodbye to one another at Noon EST/6pm CET. Our European guests are all likely to be sleeping by the time the Closing Ceremony chat happens at 7pm EST. That’s followed by a goodbye chat for those who are still in the Great Hall and hate to leave their friends and new acquaintances.

Sometime today, you might want to walk down to the Mirror Pool and take a few minutes to reflect on the members of the show’s cast and fans who are no longer with us. Some were founders or major contributors to holding on to Beauty and the Beast fan connections, and others are fans who enjoyed or built on or enthusiastically supported their work.

After midnight tonight, the interactive activities will no longer work – things like the guest book, mosaics, Caption This, the candle map, so today is your last chance to contribute there. The WFOL group’s messages will still be displayed, but it won’t accept new ones. Most games will still work, though. The displayed submissions will still be available, and you can still contact the Candlemakers.

And don’t forget about the charity if you feel you can help out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Winterfest. We’ve certainly enjoyed having you. So we’ll get out of your way and wish you another day of fun to see how much you can do before the clock ticks down to midnight.

Please take our ending survey. It's only a few questions, and if you need some time to think before answering, take your time - it will be available for several weeks. There's even a nice treat for you after you answer! You may also send feedback at any time to our email address,

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Only one day left after today (sigh) - time flies. :-(

Let's not whine, let's enjoy our last two days of Winterfest!

Join some fellow fans in the Chat rooms for a game, to watch an episode together or have a little chit-chat. Take your cup of tea with you and try a game or read some stories. Add your thoughts to the Questions of the Day, or try the Daily Challenges in the library. There's new content in most of the main chambers every day. Remembering some older games? Look for them in Mouse's chamber.

How are the Mosaics going? The deadline is quite close!

Has something from the auctions awakened your interest? Consider bidding; or if you already have, pay attention to the ending time if you don't want to lose. ;-) Auctions end today!

If you missed the Q&A for the Philadelphia Con earlier this week, there's another one at 1 pm EST. We also have our annual Zine Reading Chat at 10pm in Skype.

Are you missing something at Winterfest or do you have suggestions? Then don't miss our 'Feedback & suggestions' Chat at 8 pm EST. We'd love to hear from you!

You haven't come out of your pyjamas all week and need a shower? Well, maybe you should line up for the Bathing Chamber. ;-)

Have fun!

Friday, 21 February 2020

Oh, it’s already Friday?

For most of us, the workweek is over tonight. If relaxing with a pizza and some company sounds appealing, join the Pizza Party chat tonight at 6PM EST for a Mouse marathon. Have your pizza ready – Homemade, delivered, whatever, it's up to you. Then cue up “Shades of Gray”, and have “Ozymandias” and “Chamber Music” ready. You’ll all hit start at the same time, and then have pizza and laugh, whine, sigh, giggle, complain, etc. and share comments with the others who are watching with you. Of course, you could choose another episode chat and do the same thing without the pizza. But pizza and company is usually good. : )

If your week has left you feeling the need for time on your own, there are always games or you could read in a quiet corner of the library.

Did you start the Treasure hunt and have trouble somewhere along the line? Come to the chatroom for help at 9PM EST.

Are you an Elliot fan? At 10PM there’s a chat with the interesting title, In a Cartwheeling Ball of Flames: From Burch Towers to the Compass Rose - how could Elliot have survived?

There are still new games, submissions, and challenges being offered each day, so go on out there and find them. We hope you’re having fun.

See you around the tunnels.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

It's Treasure Hunt day! WOOHOO!

Anything else you need to know for today? No? Ok, have fun! :-D

Kidding. Of course we have a few tips and requests while you're hunting. A lot of people have put a lot of work into making the Treasure Hunt happen, so hunt respectfully.

Take it easy and enjoy our between story. Take a few minutes and explore the participating websites, or bookmark them and come back later. The sites are full of other treats besides what their owners have prepared for the hunt.

Are you stuck somewhere? Tap on the pipes! Drop us an email or look for help in the Chatrooms and our wfol group. We won't leave anyone behind until next year, promise!

If you lend a helping hand with the treasure hunt, pleeease - only give hints and clues. Please don't spoil the fun by shouting about answers in the chatrooms or the wfol group. And besides our desperate desire for the treasures - some brain exercise won't harm us. :-)

Once you're done hunting, enjoy your treats and consider leaving a few words of thanks to our hunting team, either in our guestbook or our wfol group.

And don't forget to check for the 'of-the-day' activities in the Game Nook and Library (and Vincent's chamber too!) Write your poem, answer the daily questions, check for new submissions. :-)

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


What have you missed? There’s still plenty of time to scout around and find those things and more. There are episode chats if you like watching with others and commenting as you watch. We’d love to see your name attached to a question or challenge of the day. And Mouse’s Chamber has a few blasts from the past that you might enjoy.

You could check the Library for new reading material, and maybe add your two cent’s worth to one or more of the Mosaic stories or catch up on the next chapter of one or both of the Round Robins.

There have been some contributions to our charity, Trickle Up (Information on the charity and how to donate is in the Helper's Nook). We all have good and not so good financial times. If your purse strings can allow your participation this year, please consider it. If not, maybe later. To be a helper anywhere, there are always opportunities that require no financial investment - only your good will, your time, and your good heart. If you like getting something in return for your donations, see if anything in the Charity Auctions strikes your fancy. The Auction has its own space in the Great Hall. Consider it a twofer - you get Beauty and the Beast memorabilia, and Trickle up gets all the proceeds from the auction.

And don't forget, if you've been inspired to create something to submit since you got here, you can do that right up to the last day of Winterfest.

Take your smiles out into the tunnels and share them with the others out there having a good time. And wave as you pass us. We’re always glad to see you.

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Hello, one and all!

What's new today? Our Logic Puzzle in the Game Nook! Check out the "Winterfest" story with our beloved tunnel kids and try to find out who won the race. ;-)

If you are new to fandom or Winterfest, you may like to join our "Getting the most out of fandom" chat at 9pm EST. Grab some tips about where to go first, get a helping hand or learn about the favorites of other fans. Tell us about your experiences in fandom.

Don't miss the Episode Chats; join us for some games in the Game Chat. They are easy to play, we promise and can also be played in multiple languages (simultaneously even!)

Join Father for a cup of tea in the Library, try the daily challenges, add your thoughts to the Questions of the day. Check out the Games Nook for the daily additions. Take-not-steal Elizabeth's brushes and color the tunnel walls.

Whatever you do - have fun!

Monday, 17 February 2020

If you have to be back at work this morning, we’ll have someone guide you down later in the day. We’ll be looking for you whenever you can manage to get back.

However, for those of us who are retired or don’t have to be at work today, the tunnels are open for fun!

There are new pictures for “Caption This”, new daily games in the Game Nook, new stories and new subjects for the daily challenges in the Library, and new topics for chats during the day. Check the chat schedule in the Conversation Corner. And we have put in an extra Pizza Party at European 'prime time' at 7pm CET.

If you’re interested in meeting people face to face at the real life convention in Philadelphia this summer, there’s a Q&A in the chat room tonight at 7PM EST. You can find out whatever you need to know.

And everything for the charity auction is now live on ebay. Look for Charity Auctions in the Great Hall (upper right). There are lots of goodies, including zines. All of us love the online fanfic, but if you like sitting down now and then and turning real paper pages to read Beauty and the Beast stories, here’s an opportunity.

We’ll let you choose your own adventures for the day now. The tunnels are waiting.

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Happy Sunday, everyone!

We hope you enjoyed your first day at Winterfest. Have you explored all the main chambers and side tunnels? “Of course not, I had only 24 hours,” you might say. Well, you're right - no need to rush, Winterfest lasts until NEXT Sunday, so there's still plenty of time to walk, talk and enjoy what others have brought to the table.

Have you stumbled across old friends? Have you met new people? If you're afraid you've missed your chance, well then come and join us for the 'Introduce yourself' chat at 2pm EST.

Check out the Conversation Corner, Game Nook and Library for the daily challenges and new daily games. Add to the Mosaic stories, and give your opinions about the questions of the day. Have you visited Elizabeth in the Painted Tunnels? Not yet? Then stop by and leave your drawings or check out what others have left for you.

Yes, go out and color our tunnels... maybe you've been inspired by something you'd discovered... arts, crafts, writing, etc. Give it a try and then let your footsteps lead you to the Submission entry form. Submissions are accepted 24/7 till the end of Winterfest.

Oh, don't forget... it's Winterfest and of course we will have our annual 'Dead of Winter' episode watch at 4pm and again at midnight EST.

If you get tired, you can always sit down for a cup of tea and talk to other party goers in the .io group.

Now, have fun!

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Yaaaaaaay! It’s Winterfest again!

Whether you’re a new Winterfest guest or a veteran of WFOL, come on in and join the party. We can talk as we walk down to the Great Hall.

First, if you get lost or have a question, post a message on our group, or contact us at our email address,, and we will do our best to help you.

There are probably enough things to do here to keep you busy for the week. The good news is that the Great Hall is open 24/7 for the entire nine days, so you can take breaks and come back to pick up where you left off. There are daily activities like the chats, the new .io group, and a question of the day to discuss in the Conversation Corner. Talk to your friends and make new ones, and give us your opinions on the questions of the day. You might find new perspectives in the answers. Or you might give someone else a new one. And you can find daily word searches and cryptograms in the Game Nook, or daily poetry challenges in the library. Give it a try! Even if you don’t trust your poetry skills, you can always read what others wrote. A presentation always needs a good audience.

We have a new item this year - tell us what's on your Winterfest wish list. Look for it in the Conversation Corner.

The spirit of giving abounds in the tunnels. Winterfest always includes the Helpers who assist those who live in the tunnels. And the tunnel dwellers have always tried to support others from Above who need a helping hand. This year’s Winterfest charity is Trickle Up; and information about that organization, can be found on the charity page in the Helper’s Nook. We have 34 items on auction on ebay this year. All proceeds will go to Trickle Up.

As Winterfest continues through the week, you’ll find stories, artwork, games, crafts, visits to past Winterfest activities, and a surprise thrown in now and then. New fun will be appearing daily, so check here in the Pipe Chamber for updates each day when you visit. And if a flash of inspiration strikes you, don’t forget that you can send submissions at any time during Winterfest.

Remember you have nine days for this, so don’t wear yourselves out today. Pace yourselves, and explore all the side tunnels and party chambers on your way. You might find some new favorites. If you get lost, you can always click on the Winterfest logo to get back to The Great Hall.

So light your candle on the candle map, and check the map now and then to see if your friends are here yet.

What’s that? Oh. (Sheepish grin.) Yeah. We'll stop talking now. Go enjoy the party!

Have fun!

The Wintercandlemakers