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How Can I Help?

Many of you have helped make this Winterfest special by sharing your time and talents, by making donations to our chosen charity, and by being present and welcoming others.

You can continue to be a help after Winterfest is over. Please consider volunteering for one or more of the following ongoing fandom projects:

Ron in Vincent face and costume, reading a scriptScripts & Transcriptions Project
Transcribe episodes and/or edit transcriptions. Help with Season 3 episodes is especially needed. Donations of scripts are also needed and most welcome.

Catherine readingAudio Fic
Record as you read fanfic aloud.


Posting works online
If you're a writer or artist, give permission for your work to be posted online, or if you know "lost" writers or artists, help put us in touch with them.
Contact joannb2003 AT

Crystal Rose logoCrystal Rose Lending Library
Donate your zines to the Library.


Submit a story, poem, or art to this year's conzine. Or, order a copy of the conzine for your very own. Proceeds go to charity.
Philadelphia con: Conzine guidelines    Order a conzine

Father holding a bookCABB, BBRC
Submit your stories, new or previously published or posted.
CABBtunneltales at

museum logoB&B Museum, Treasure Chambers 
Take photos of your BATB memorabilia and submit them to one or both of the museums.
B&B Museum:
Treasure Chambers: angie -at-

Other languages
If you have stories or other contributions in another language, they can be posted at these sites:

French  Spanish  Italian  German

Deb wearing curtains, including the rodConvention History
Share your convention memories in the convention history pages at batbland.
Contact: pascal at

Boards and forums
Share your presence in fandom discussion lists and forums and join those helping to keep the dream alive all year round.
Some options

two cupped hands holding out a candleShare the light
Beauty and the Beast has taught us many lessons about values and how to treat our fellow inhabitants of this beautiful Planet Earth. Live those values. Be kind to others. Help where you can. Carry the light of the tunnels with you out into the world. Share the spirit; share the light.