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Sunday, 10 February 2019

It’s the last day of the party. :-( Look for closing ceremonies later today. If it feels sad to go through closing ceremonies all by yourself, attend a Farewell chat and watch with friends. Farewell chat times are staggered to accommodate both European and US times.

There are plenty of opportunities still to spend time with old and new friends. Pour yourself some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and settle in for one of the episode chats, discussions or games. At 7:00pm there’s a getting-to-know-you game called Likes and Dislikes.

Please, please fill out our closing survey! It doesn't have to be today, but soon. Your feedback is welcome and useful, even if it's negative (though constructive is better!)

Games will still work after today, and submissions will still be available in most cases; but the interactive activities like the Daily Challenges, Questions of the Day, Guest book pages, or Mosaic stories won’t accept any new entries. If you want to add something, now is the time!

We’ve enjoyed your company and your enthusiasm, and we look forward to seeing you again at WFOL 2020.

Hugs and Happy Winterfest to all of you! We love you! Thanks for coming. :-)

Saturday, 9 February 2019

There’s not much time left. Squeeze in as much visiting and playing as you can.

This is Talent Show Day. See the Chat Schedule for 3PM, and come to support our tunnel talent.

There’s another chat at 8pm that offers you a chance to give us some feedback on WFOL and to suggest possibilities for next year. If nothing new comes to mind on the spot, our address is the same year ‘round. Let us know if you think of something later. We’re always open to constructive suggestions and to new ideas.

There’s also a zine reading at 10PM.

Aaaaaaaaaand…drum roll, please. The always awaited Bathing chamber opens today, giving you your annual opportunity to intrude on Vincent and Catherine’s privacy. You might have to work a little bit for it though. :-)

See you around the tunnels.

Friday, 8 February 2019

It's the day before our last weekend of WFOL. Time flies! We hope you have enjoyed as much as possible so far - still there's time to do more. :-)

If you haven't had a chance to watch some episodes this week - today is the day!

We have three regular episode chats scheduled and our Pizza Party episode chat! It has the Trilogy of S2, episodes most of us love to watch in company with fellow fans. Don't forget to order your pizza in time, the party starts at 6pm!!

We think you know your way through the tunnels by now. Stop by the chambers and check what's new.

Have you participated in the Daily 'exercises'? Start now!

There are plenty of nice paintings on the tunnel walls. Trigger your Kristopher skills. Elizabeth will gladly give you some colors.

If you don't have enough time to meet Father in the Library for a good story or poem, bookmark it for later - helps with the post-WFOL blues. :-)

Feel free to add your thoughts to the Mosaic stories (it's fun!), or just read what's new there.

If you can, please consider helping us help our Charity, ShelterBox. There are also some items in the ebay auction which still have no bid - what about making them yours?

Sniff, sniff. Hmm, we smell pizza! Well, better early than too late. ;-)

Enjoy! Have fun! See you at the party!

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Good morning!

It’s nice to see the tunnels so well populated with guests. We hope you’re enjoying your time here.

Stop by Vincent’s Chamber or Mouse’s Chamber in your travels. If they aren’t there, they’ve left some of their old games for you to play while they’re out. Please announce yourself before you go in, though. You’ll be entering their chambers after all, and it’s polite to give a guy a warning before you invade his private space.

There’s still plenty to see and do. There are three more episode chats today and stories to enjoy in the library.

Have you added to the painted tunnels yet?

Get out there and explore a few side tunnels you haven’t seen yet. Have fun!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

It’s already Wednesday??! How did that happen?! Maybe it’s time to pick up your pace while there’s still plenty of time?

Check in the Library for the Round Robin updates. And while you’re there, consider adding to the Mosaic stories. If you’re not comfortable adding content, you can always read what other guests have written.

The Questions of the Day (Conversation Corner) have some interesting answers, and the Challenge of the Day (Library) has some good poetry. Consider adding your thoughts and/or poems. Again, if you aren’t inclined to add something, the contributions there could be something you would enjoy.

If you’re new to the tunnels and confused by some of the terms or abbreviations other guests are using, check Fandom 101 in the Helper’s Nook. Lots of answers there.

And while you’re in the Helper’s Nook, you can find information about our charity for this year, Shelterbox. If you’re able to contribute, please do. Another way to contribute is through the auction on ebay. (Top right corner of the Great Hall page) All proceeds from the sale go to the charity.

Interested in meeting some other fans face to face? There’s a real time, live convention every summer. The 30th annual Beauty and the Beast Convention is in July. There’s another chance for a Q&A chat about it tonight at 8:00pm in the Conversation Corner.

In the chat schedule (Conversation Corner) there are also three episode chats. Check the schedule for times and for which chat room to visit. If you like watching favorite episodes with others, this is your chance. See if their comments match your reactions. At the bottom of the chat schedule page, there’s a conversion chart to help with time differences for various parts of the world.

Whatever part of the world you’re in, we’ll let you go now to look for new fun. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Hello again!

New game in Vincent's Chamber! A logic Puzzle to add to the rest of the fun.

New daily activities, too. Have you checked the Round Robins in the Library? There’s one there for whatever season you prefer. If you like all seasons, you have two stories to follow.

If you get tired of hurrying through the passageways looking for things to do, you can detour to the Listening Chamber (Found in the Fine Arts Gallery) with your cup of tea, or possibly something from William's latest tapped barrel, relax, sit a spell with some good company, and enjoy the music and readings.

Don’t forget, if you have an idea you’d like to contribute to the Winterfest feast, you can still submit it up to the last day of Winterfest. Or if you have questions or encounter a problem in trying to navigate the party, contact us.

We hope you enjoy your day in the tunnels. :-)

Monday, 4 February 2019

WAIT ... you're still in your pajamas??? Aaah, it's Winterfest - of course!!!!

For those who have to work today (and don't we all wish we could take a whole week's vacation?), when you get home, grab your tea or coffee, take a seat in the Library, relax and enjoy what's new today.

Have you found something at the Charity Auctions you want to make your own? There's a wide range of collectibles. Check out all the listings! All the proceeds go to benefit this year's charity, Shelter Box.

If you need a challenge, stop by the Game Nook. The Crosswords, Sudokus, and Cryptograms will keep you busy, we promise. Have you beaten the Raccoon? Won at Mahjong? If so, let us know!

Feel free to join in the Episode Chats today - there are 3! Our anniversary episode, Temptation (((*sigh*))) begins at 2pm Eastern Standard time (8 pm Central European time ). A Happy Life begins at 4pm EST. At 10pm EST, watch A Time to Heal.

If you need to know more about the Spring Fling, Q&A is at 8pm Eastern Standard time.

Also the Painted Tunnels are waiting for your artwork. Check out the Mosaic stories – maybe you have some thoughts to add. (The English ones are off and running, while the German, French, Spanish and Italian stories need some input.) You don't need to be an experienced writer to participate – just try, it's fun! Maybe adding to the stories will trigger a hidden super-skill. ;-)

And don't forget about the "of the day" activities: daily challenges in the Library, questions of the day Classic and Third Season in the Conversation Corner, new Caption This images in the Game Nook. New fan submissions are coming in every day, so make sure you check the lists in each chamber.

Whew! There's a lot to see and do. So, off you go, but be careful running in the tunnels!

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Good Morning!

Are you having fun? Have you found some old friends, met a new friend, talked to other revelers, found games or stories to enjoy?

There’s plenty of entertainment in the Game Nook, or take the opportunity to try your hand at your own art in the Painted Tunnels. There are additional games in Mouse’s Chamber and Vincent’s Chamber (Some blasts from Winterfests past.)

If you want to talk to others, try the conversation corner. There are a couple of chat rooms, the WFOL Yahoo group, and a schedule for chats on different topics. For those of you who knew Pat Lurvey/ChicagoTunnelKid, there’s a chat today in her memory at 2:00pm. And if you're interested in attending this summer’s convention, there are Con Q&A chats at 1:00pm.

Do you like expressing your opinions or maybe trying your hand at poetry? Look at the Question of the Day in the Conversation Corner and share your thoughts on the BATB subject, or look at the Challenge of the Day in the Library and create a poem for that day’s challenge.

Go and explore. Have fun!

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Well, hello there!

Welcome to Winterfest Online 2019. It’s so good to see you! The Great Hall is already starting to fill up with Helpers and we’re glad you could make it this year.

You must be a bit stressed after battling the world Above to get here. Take a deep breath, and just savor for a moment the fact that it’s the first day of Winterfest!

Don’t forget to light your candle on the World Map so that everyone knows you are here. It’s wonderful to see all those glowing candles, isn’t it?

Once that’s done, keep in mind there is also a guest book that you may want to sign now or save for later after you have experienced some of the offerings. Can’t wait to see what YOU have to share!

There will be plenty of time to laugh, play games and catch up with friends during the next nine days. Please take a look at the chat schedule and plan to attend as many as your time allows.

Remember to make this Pipe Chamber your first stop each day when entering the Tunnels. We will have important information here that will help you make the most of the celebration.

Know that there are lots of goodies ahead! Lend your voice to the questions of the day. Try your hand at poetry with the Daily Challenges. Add to the Mosaic Stories. Create a work of art in the Painted Tunnels. Remember to check every chamber, every day, because new submissions will be appearing all through the week.

Sounds like we’re off to a good start, doesn't it? But don’t just stand there with that “haze of happiness” look on your face, time to get out there and mingle!