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Live Date Title Submitter name(s) EmailSteamy3SCategory 
2019-02-10 An Australian Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-10 Winterfest friends family home Lynette Parker  Art 
2019-02-10 Scarlett and Mouse Part 3: A Heart of Glass JessRae95 Fan Fiction 
2019-02-10 A Stained Glass Dream (a work in progress) Carole W Crafts 
2019-02-10 Das Karussell (The Carousel) by Rainer Maria Rilke (German reading) Cordi Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-10 Collection of Andrew's existing BatB art (hosted by Claire) Andrew Meit  Art 
2019-02-10 Everything Carries Me to You Magellan's Wife  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-10 Helen the Hippo Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-10 Das Einhorn (The Unicorn) by Rainer Maria Rilke (German reading) Cordi Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-10 Winter Light Continued - Part Three, Vincent Crowmama Fan Fiction 
2019-02-10 Vincent at/on A Distant Shore Cordi Art 
2019-02-10 Der Schwan (The Swan) by Rainer Maria Rilke (German reading) Cordi Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-09 Filk - Leaving This Nightmare Behind Debbie Bluerose  Poetry or Filk 
2019-02-09 Cat Sayings Cordi Other 
2019-02-09 Treasure Hunt Debbie Bluerose  Other 
2019-02-09 Katzensprüche Cordi Other 
2019-02-09 A Lovely Valentine Rose Jessica Vieira  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-09 Captain Beaky's Christmas Pantomime Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-09 Scarlett and Mouse Part 2: Shadows From Above JessRae95 Fan Fiction 
2019-02-09 An Apache Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-09 Assurance (Love ... Because of It, #2)  Carole W Art 
2019-02-08 A Working Man: Vincent, Unbuttoned (shirtless in the tunnels) Carole W Art 
2019-02-08 Castle Doom Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-08 A Franciscan Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-08 Tale ad old as time Julia Kuznetsova shaarila at Crafts 
2019-02-08 Scarlett and Mouse Part 1: Down to Below JessRae95 Fan Fiction 
2019-02-08 Crocheted Version of Vincent's Rose Pouch Bunnigirl74 Crafts 
2019-02-08 Intimations of Immortality, german lyrics from A Gentle Rain Cordi  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-08 A Gallery of Catherine and Diana Digital Artwork Lynette Parker  Art 
2019-02-08 Two New Wallpapers Jana K Art 
2019-02-07 A Word That Means Everything Rosaura Wells  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-07 Oh to Be in England Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-07 Letters To A Young Poet, german lyrics from Temptation Cordi  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-07 When You Walked Away Rosaura Wells Fan Fiction 
2019-02-07 Candle holders for Winterfest Linda Kliewer Crafts 
2019-02-07 A Place to Call Home JessRae95 Fan Fiction 
2019-02-07 Watching the Perseids - Wallpapers Jana K Art 
2019-02-07 Winter Light Continued - Part Two, Catherine Crowmama Fan Fiction 
2019-02-07 Forever Had Given Her Call JessRae95 Fan Fiction 
2019-02-07 Keeper of the Pipes JessRae95 Fan Fiction 
2019-02-07 A Fair and Perfect Knight Julia Kuznetsova shaarila at Crafts 
2019-02-07 A Winter Solstice Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-07 Denial Nancy  Poetry or Filk 
2019-02-07 Vincent and Catherine Gif Lynette Parker  Other 
2019-02-06 Season 3 Shooting Locations (shared from the 2018 Conzine) JoAnn B  Essay 
2019-02-06 An Irish Blessing No 2 Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-06 Two Can Play at That Game - Part 2 (Section 5) Teri P  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-06 How to Put On a Con JoAnn & others  Other 
2019-02-06 Vincent Doll and Clothes LisaG Crafts 
2019-02-06 A Fair and Perfect Knight Julia Kuznetsova shaarila at Crafts 
2019-02-06 The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-06 Angels of Ice. Vincent and Diana go on a winter adventure . Mel  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-05 Vincent Gifs Lynette Parker  Other 
2019-02-05 Winter Light Continued - Part One, Father Crowmama Fan Fiction 
2019-02-05 It Is Possible JoAnn & Larry B  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-05 Two Can Play at That Game - Part 2 (Section 4) Teri P  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-05 Sunshine JRo  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-05 Evening Ablutions: Vincent, Unbuttoned (shirtless in the tunnels) Carole W Art 
2019-02-05 An Irish Blessing - What a Wonderful World Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-05 The Ginger Cat Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-04 Vincent digital artwork skin on folio tablet case Lynette Parker  Art 
2019-02-04 Tie Your Heart to Mine (Love ... Because of It, #1)  Carole W Art 
2019-02-04 HERE THERE BE DRAGONS Gianina D'Andrea Fan Fiction 
2019-02-04 Two Can Play at That Game - Part 2 (Section 3) Teri P  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-04 A Scottish Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-04 The Haggis Season Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-03 Blanche (the baby owl) Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-03 Elliot's Apology Nancy  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-03 A Maori Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-03 Two Can Play at That Game - Part 2 (Section 2) Teri P  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-03 Good Luck Has Its Storms JoAnn B  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-03 Thy Sweet Love Remembered Judith Andrade almablanca! Fan Fiction 
2019-02-03 For You My Friend - dedicated to my dearest friend Pat DonnaB  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-03 Where Love Waits: Vincent, Unbuttoned (shirtless in the tunnels) Carole W Art 
2019-02-02 An Olde English Blessing Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-02 Pat Lurvey Memorial Video Laura and Vicky Video 
2019-02-02 O.K. Goode Art Laura  Art 
2019-02-02 Season 2 Shooting Locations (shared from the 2018 Conzine) JoAnn B  Essay 
2019-02-02 Tunneltique Winterfest Online Lynette Parker  Other 
2019-02-02 Hero sung by Laura Beth LB Audio/reading (Listening Chamber) 
2019-02-02 Two Can Play at That Game - Part 2 (Section 1) Teri P  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-02 Season 3 Round Robin Janet Rivenbark on behalf of All Season Fans  Fan Fiction 
2019-02-02 Winter Delights Carole W Art 
2019-02-02 Stained Glass Winterfest Candles SandyX  Crafts 
2019-02-02 The Warmth of a Horse Skippy  Audio/reading (Listening Chamber)