Bathing Chambers?!!

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You just walked right in, didn't you? I'll bet you didn't even knock or call out or anything! There could have been someone naked in here, you know!

Nudity - and sex - are what we want talk about for just a minute. There are those in fandom who greatly enjoy nude art, as well as steamy fan fiction. Such things can be found at Winterfest, and most certainly at sites we link to.

We will warn you when there will be nudity and/or sex. Please heed these warnings! If you click and then don't like what you see, you have only yourself to blame!

Winterfest Online was not designed with children in mind: if your children are wandering the internet without supervision, they will surely stumble upon FAR worse content than anything we have available at Winterfest Online. We suggest you don't let them wander the internet unsupervised.


We were lacking treasure hunt participants this year, and several folks lamented the loss. So we're putting one here before the treasure that awaits you in the bathing chamber, a beautiful work drawn by Sonia Corral. :-)

If you have a web site or blog and are interested in participating in next year's treasure hunt, contact us at It would be wonderful to return to our traditional type of treasure hunt, which was conceived (by Chan) as way to promote BATB web sites. Come on, you know you want to! You have a whole year to come up with ideas.

If you like hunting, but avoid steamy treasure, hunt anyway. We'll warn you before the end.

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