Treasure Hunt
Ok, by popular demand, here's the answer key! I'm going to space out the sections in case you just want one clue at a time.

Part 1
1. Batbland
2. Crystal Rose
4. Batbforever
5. Treasure Chambers
6. Batbtv

Part 2
1. Direct Relief
2. /bye
3. 2011 (Psst... it's in Mouse's Chamber!)
4. Game Chatroom
5. The Helpers Nook
6. 40! and they netted over $800!

Part 3
On every answer there's a Solve link in the entry box.

Part 4

1. Batbtv
2. Batbland
4. Treasure Chambers
5. Amazon Video
6. screen caps!

Part 5

1H  2Y  3O  4J

5N  6M  7Q  8R

9X  10C  11G  12A

13B  14D  15P  16I

17V  18T  19K  20F

21Z  22W  23S  24L

25U  26E  27AA  28BB

But I hate hunting! Just show me the treasure!!

Fine! But you must stop that whining!


You're welcome!