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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

We fans of Beauty and the Beast LOVE to discuss all the aspects of our favorite show.
And we all have our own opinions.
In this daily forum, we invite you to share your thoughts, on our Question for the Day.


Ninth Question: How many people Above know about/have seen Vincent that are loose ends plotwise?

Eighth Question: Which is the weakest episode in your opinion?

Seventh Question: In The Watcher, was Catherine right to not get the police involved?

Sixth Question: What are Fatherís best character traits?

Fifth Question: GRR Martin felt it was important to kill off a character in Ashes, Ashes. What do you think about the decision that it be Ellie?

Fourth Question: Was the decision to throw the chest of gold/jewels in the abyss in the episode of Fever the right one in your opinion?

Third Question: What was the number one principle Below?

Second Question: Who do we know was born in the tunnels, and who do you suspect may have been born in the tunnels?

First Question: What is one thing you wish was canon?