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Chest of treasure the folks Below donated to the nuns

Direct Relief International

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$647.00 + ebay $872.51 = $1,519.51

As we have done every year during Winterfest Online, we ask fans to consider supporting a selected charity as part of the celebration. This long-standing tradition in fandom – at our local fan club gatherings and at our annual fan-run conventions as well as during Winterfest Online, our annual online convention – is part of our fandom’s ethos: to do good while having fun!

This year, we have selected Direct Relief International as our charity. It’s a Charity Navigator 4-Star charity, as is every charity selected for our support each Winterfest. What’s more, in 2017, Forbes Magazine rated Direct Relief International (DRI) among the top ten U.S. charities of the year, and Charity Navigator named DRI its #1-rated charity for 2017. With a scope of assistance spanning scores of countries, DRI has been responding to disasters on a scale unprecedented in the organization’s 70-year history, which is one reason DRI is a “repeat” WFOL charity, having been our selected charity in 2009, as well.

In existence since 1948, DRI focuses on improving the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies throughout the world. As all of us who watch the news know, in the past year natural disasters have been especially devastating around the world, with massive hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires, earthquakes, etc., hitting so many countries. DRI continues to extend the reach of its emergency aid while also keeping to its core mission: the support of fragile health care systems, offering direct support and materials to in-country health professionals who are in the best position to determine their most critical needs, with an emphasis on the health needs of women and children.

When we decide to contribute to a charity, we are following in the footsteps of those Below, who believed in offering help when it’s needed. Here’s a chance for a modest amount of money to go a long way in terms of relief provided, with every dollar we raise during our celebration multiplied in value due to DRI’s process of gathering critical medical supplies at wholesale prices. So, let’s be generous in bidding and donating for this year’s charity!

Contributions will be accepted throughout Winterfest Online. One way to contribute is through our EBay auctions. When you see our postings for EBay auctions, know that all items were donated by generous fans, and thus all proceeds will go to our selected charity. If you don’t wish to bid on any items on auction, you can still get into the game by donating for the charity. You have several options for doing so. You can, of course, donate directly to the charity. If that’s how you feel most comfortable contributing, by all means, do so! But as in years past, we would really like to send one check to DRI, bundling the donations with the total of EBay auction sales, on behalf of all the fans who contributed during Winterfest Online, along with a cover letter explaining our efforts. If that appeals to you, donating is easy!

Click on the “Donate” button below. JoAnn Baca is collecting the contributions, so it's her e-mail address you'll see. Enter the amount you wish to contribute and click the “Update Total” button and follow the directions on the screen. You can donate with a credit or debit card, a bank account, or a Paypal balance. You can even use Paypal if you are outside of the United States, as Paypal will convert your donation to U.S. dollars from a variety of currencies. To make your donation go a bit further, skip the “Donate” button and sign into Paypal directly. Then choose the “I'm sending money to family or friends” option. Send it to If you prefer to send a check, you may make it out to “Direct Relief International” and JoAnn will include it along with the consolidated Paypal donations and sales. Send it to JoAnn at:

JoAnn Baca
5560 Redland Drive
San Diego, CA 92115


Enjoy this year’s Winterfest Online, and please keep Direct Relief International in your mind and heart as we come together in celebration!

And remember, we have some terrific B&B items up for auction on EBay to raise funds for DRI! Please check them out by viewing the auctions of seller “santiago23” – every penny raised will be added to the cashier’s check going to DRI (And we thank all those who contributed such wonderful items for our auctions!)

Items on auction on ebay- $872.51

Donations at past Winterfests
2006 $800.00 Doctors Without Borders
2007 $679.99 CARE
2008 $736.15 Save the Children
2009 $950.81 Direct Relief International
2010 $1,202.74 FINCA International
2011 $1,131.96 Global Links
2012 $1,356.66 Doctors Without Borders
2013 $1,796.96
2014 $2,000.49 Camfed
2015 $2,141.01 Partners in Health
2016 $1,876.74 International Rescue Comittee
2017 $1,919.27 Crisis Aid International
2018 $1,519.51 Direct Relief International