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Vincent and Father standing together in greeting. Text reads: Winterfest: This is where it all begins, a quote from a Carrie Newcomer song
Vincent looking into the camera, behind him a golden-hued central park bridge in the snow. Text reads: Winterfest. Meet me beyond the bridge.’ width=
Catherine and Vincent and other tunnel dancers on the Great Hall floor. Text reads: On with the dance, let joy be unconfin
Vincent holding out a candle to Catherine before opening the Great Hall Doors, Father and Mary in the background smiling. Text reads: Winterfest, believe in what you know you know, a line from a Krista DeTour song.
A woman
Vincent holding a torch in the tunnels, in the background, the circle, with Catherine joining it. Text reads: Winterfest, so many gifts waiting for you
Catherine looking out, smiling, behind her a vision of the Great Hall banquet tables and a crowd of people. Text reads: Winterfest, our shared light
Vincent and Catherine stand before the opening Great Hall Doors. Text reads: Winterfest. May your heart be tranquil here, a quote from John O


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