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Elliot talking to Cleon

Question of the Day

We fans of Beauty and the Beast LOVE to discuss all the aspects of our favorite show.
And we all have our own opinions.
In this daily forum, we invite you to share your thoughts, on our Question for the Day.


Ninth Question: What secondary characters in 3S would you have liked to have seen more in subsequent seasons? Were there characters from S1 and S2 that you'd have liked to have met each other in 3S?

Eighth Question: What exactly made Gabriel and Paracelsus the way they were, and could anything have ever influenced them to change their ways?

Seventh Question: Do you think the Gabriel was a lost cause, or do you think he could have been redeemed?

Sixth Question: Why wasn't Devin at Catherine's funeral and why did he never come home to help Vincent find her before her death or afterwards?

Fifth Question: If Moreno had a choice, would he have warned Catherine ahead of time that someone would come after her and the book? Do you think Moreno had a choice?

Fourth Question: We know Paracelsus' story - or at least pieces of it. We know he was once a good man who lost his way. Why do you think Father still seemed to harbor hope that he could be redeemed?

Third Question: Were there any classic secondary characters (from S1 and S2) you would like to have seen in 3S? Were there any characters that you wonder why they weren't there?

Second Question: We know that the doctor didn't always like what he was asked to do. If Vincent and Diana had not rescued little Jacob, do you think the doctor would have eventually acted to try to reunite baby Jacob with his family?

First Question: What is Diana’s 'special power' - Is it something extra-sensory, or is it just her acute knowledge of people and observation and deductive skills? Is it both?