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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

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Why wasn't Devin at Catherine's funeral and why did he never come home to help Vincent find her before her death or afterwards?

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Janet Rivenbark     2/10/2017 9:33:05 AM
From a practical/real life point of view, Linda and Bruce were divorced on December 28, 1989. So they were likely separated by the time that episode was filmed. From a "plot" point of view, they could always say that Devin, being Devin, was off somewhere and no one knew how to get in touch with him.

Claire     2/10/2017 8:46:08 AM
What Ruby said, alas. "They" should've thought of it and ensured that Bruce A, too, would be on screen one last time. But the idea makes a good candidate for fanon, doesn't it? He came back as soon as he was able to, and tried to be of some comfort for a little while. Whether before or after the baby was rescued... I don't know.

Walkingmiracle     2/9/2017 9:06:01 PM
Maybe he was unreachable.

Lks     2/9/2017 3:20:22 PM
They probably couldn't reach him. Maybe Charles was having medical issues and couldn't be left alone.

Cordi     2/9/2017 2:49:46 PM
Die Produzenten/Autoren wollten nach Catherine's Tod eine andere Frau, Diana, in Vincents 'Leben' einführen. Das bedeutete aber auch, dass ihrer Figur eine große Bedeutung in der Abhandlung zu teil werden musste. Eine Beteiligung von Devin, egal zu welchem Zeitpunkt, hätte den Schwerpunkt vermutlich in eine andere Richtung gedrückt. Dr. Peter Alcott hätte ja auch logischerweise helfen müssen. Vielleicht war es aber auch ganz banal und beide Schauspieler standen wegen anderer Projekte nicht zur Verfügung oder waren mit dem weiteren Verlauf der Serie nicht einverstanden. Ein Team Devin & Diana könnte ich persönlich mir gut vorstellen. Genug Möglichkeiten Devin in die Geschichte zurück zu holen, gäbe es, auch wenn es diese Szenen das Herz gebrochen hätten. ------- The producers/writers wanted to put another woman, Diana, into Vincent's 'life' after Catherine's death. For that her character had to develope a high quality in the storyline. Having Devin there too, at whatever part in timeline, would have pointed the focus away from Diana. Dr. Peter Alcott, just for logic reasons, should have been there too. But maybe it was just simply - both actors weren't available because of other projects or weren't ok with it's shows development. I personally can imagine a team Devin & Diana very well. They could have developed a lot of ways to bring Devin back to the story, even if those szene would have been really heartbreaking for us.

Monika     2/9/2017 11:02:17 AM
Could be that first Devin couldn`t be reached.Then Vincent didn`t want another (This Time his brother ) in danger, so Father had someone he could trust if something happened to him. Or he was on a grand tour with Charles to see the world (what he wanted to do with Vincent). Or the Actor had another role to play at that time.

Ruby     2/9/2017 12:03:02 AM
The real answer is that it's awkward to have the husband of the lead who left on. A more charitable answer is Devin couldn't leave Charles. Or Devin had to go on the run with Charles. Or my thinking, Charles died from complications of his condition and Devin decided to lose himself by disappearing again and couldn't be reached. I can see him showing up shocked and heartbroken to hear the news. I do think they should have had a mention of Father or Vincent writing to Devin and telling him to stay put for safety's sake. Or saying a letter from Devin explained where and why he was tied and why he wasn't there.

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