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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

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What is Diana’s 'special power' - Is it something extra-sensory, or is it just her acute knowledge of people and observation and deductive skills? Is it both?

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Lindariel     2/7/2017 8:19:38 AM
Diana Bennett is basically a profiler back at the beginning of the development of this field. She specializes in victimology, studying the life of the victim and building the nature of the crime in her head from the clues she gleans from the victim's life and personal belongings. I don't think she has a "special power," so to speak, but she is a pioneer in a brand new field -- and a WOMAN in a field almost exclusively populated by men. That would make her a particulary strange duck. Part of her "unusual success rate" from the male point of view is probably due to her capacity to bring in a female perspective they don't have. The vast majority of crime victims, unfortunately, are female, so a rare WOMAN specializing in victimology would understand and uncover and focus on things most men wouldn't necessarily think about or understand properly. THAT'S what makes Diana Bennett special.

Stace     2/6/2017 8:57:35 PM
i always thought it was a healthy dose of both. much like what janet said, Psychometry is getting impressoins from touchign things and it seems like she has that... i also wonder if she might be slightly empathic. I also think that her ability as an observer, and peope watcher lends to what she does.Coupled with (assuredly) behavioral science and human studies courses she probably had to take in college; plus her empathy and psychometry gives her very intristic insight into human character and behavior. No body was more disapointed than I when it didnt continue because the last two episodes of the season gave us a taste of what she does and how her mind works and it's facinating and intriguing and i really wanted more of that and her helping vincent thru what she knows with his feelings of "otherness" or whatever.

Janet Rivenbark     2/4/2017 9:16:57 PM
I've always thought it was a little of both. Psychometry is defined as the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. She did touch and talk her way through her impressions or ideas, but I also think she was a people watcher who had an innate understanding of human behavior. She was fascinating to watch when she was investigating the murders of the Helpers in The Reckoning and Legacies. Too bad her character never had the chance to develop.

Walkingmiracle     2/4/2017 9:03:27 PM
I think it was both. She sensed so much about Catherine simply by being in her apartment and going through her things. She found Vincent based on those senses. She knew he wouldn't hurt her based on those senses. She found things the police would never have found simply based on her intelligence and her senses. Vincent would never have gotten his son back if not for her and all of her amazing skills.

Rusty Hough Bader     2/4/2017 3:29:53 PM
I think it's good old fashioned horse sense. The Irish have lots of that. It's what makes her good at her job.

cb mcwhorter     2/4/2017 3:02:35 PM
Much as I would love to see her have some sort of clairvoyance, I think that most of her abilities revolve around her attention to detail, followed by a talent for synthesis. As Patrick Jane in "The Mentalist" would say, when asked if he really had ESP: "No. I just pay attention". And that's usually enough.

Cordi     2/4/2017 12:58:11 PM
Ich glaube es ist beides - sie ist sehr sensibel, einfühlsam und vor allem aufmerksam. Sie betrachtet nicht nur das ganze und die Oberfläche, sie schenkt auch kleinen Einzelheiten Beachtung. Das macht sie zu einer guten Detektivin. ------ I think it's both. She is very sensibel, sensitive and observant. She's looking at things not only on the survace, she's going for the details too. Those skills and her power of deduction make her a pretty good detective.

Monika     2/4/2017 11:50:06 AM
I think she is a little empathic and a good watcher of people. She can good jugde the way people act and if they try to keep something secret. Perhaps she has experience?

LKS     2/4/2017 11:18:51 AM
I think it was both. I believe she was extra sensitive and years of observing made her good at the job.

TMara     2/4/2017 10:56:06 AM
I think Diana is very perceptive and wise. She notices small details and she tries to mentally put herself into a situation and see things from the perspective of those involved in this particular situation. She tries to figure out how those would feel in such a situation and how they might want to act/react.

joani     2/4/2017 9:54:46 AM
I think she had an incredible ability to put herself into a situation and imagine what the person might think or do.

Becca B     2/4/2017 9:22:01 AM
Her "special power" is simply her sharply honed people skills mixed with more than a touch of empathy.

CTK     2/4/2017 9:02:36 AM
Okay - not a fan of third season, but from the times I have watched, I think Diana is highly empathetic. Not empathic, but can empathize so strongly with another that it leads her intuition in fruitful ways for her investigations.

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