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Winterfest Online 2017
February 4 - 12
An annual week-long celebration of the 1987-1990 tv show, Beauty and the Beast, and its fandom

Backwards Forwards

Winterfest is coming!

Greetings, BATB friends, from your WinterCandlemakers!

Twenty-nine years ago on September 25th, our lives changed. An amazing story unfolded before us, drew us in, drew us together. It seems a fitting time to announce the dates of our next Winterfest Online celebration.

Mark your calendars! WFOL 2017 will be held February 4 - 12.

While you have your pencils out, start brainstorming ideas for your submissions. Writers, poets, artists, crafters, video makers, singers, game designers - all the creatives out there - are encouraged to create new journeys for each other. Letís keep the dream alive!

Be watching for details in future candles - how and when to post your work, links to the WFOL forums, creative challenges set forth by fellow fans, and more. But for now ...

Get busy! Time flies, you know. :-) And donít be shy. No gift is too small.

Questions? Email us: wintercandlemakers2@yahoo.com