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Sunday, 12 February 2017

It's Day 9 of this year’s Winterfest. Sigh. But we might as well approach from the glass half full side, right? That means we have one more day to scout around the tunnels with our friends. One more set of new puzzles, one more new Challenge of the Day in the library, one more set of Questions of the Day in the Conversation Corner, one more day to be sure we’ve checked into every corner we want to visit, before the WFOL chambers go quiet again for another year.

The Helpers who shared their work, and those who lent a hand with hosting, have made this Winterfest gathering more fun for everyone here. We thank them from the bottom of our collective heart. We also want to thank the guests who have shared their enthusiasm and good will throughout the tunnels. That enthusiasm and appreciation for the Helpers’ work undoubtedly breathes joy into their hearts as well.

The charity donations are up to $435.00. It should be fun to see what the auctions add to the total after tonight and what other donations turn up tomorrow.

It's nearly time for Closing Ceremonies, too. (Sniff. Sniffle.) There's a survey in the Closing Ceremonies, and we'd love to have your honest answers. It helps us to see what works, what needs improvement, and to gather your suggestions for new possibilities. There are also two Farewell chats today. One is at noon EST/6:00pm CET - say good night to our European friends - the other at 8:00pm EST.

We hope you enjoy your 'one more day' and leave the tunnels tonight with smiles and memories of friends. Hugs and Happy Winterfest!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Some of your fellow Winterfest revelers have found the threshold to the bathing chamber, and they’ve already been seen rudely sneaking in this morning. There were a few ooo’s and ahh’s and giggles and sighs issuing forth into the passageway. A word or two before you investigate, though. Call it an awareness check. You do realize that when people bathe, they rarely have clothes on, right? That applies in the tunnels, too. Enough said. We’ll leave both your manners and your sensibilities up to you.

And speaking of your fellow Winterfest revelers… Woo-hoo! Talent show this afternoon at 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CET on Skype. Open Skype and find out what some of your old and new friends can do. You might be pleasantly surprised. If you don’t use Skype often, you might want to open it early so you’ll have time to be ready and you don’t miss anything.

While you have Skype warmed up, you might want to keep it in mind for later. There’s a zine reading at 10 pm EST, Sleepless in Providence. It’s in the form of lovely letters between Vincent and Catherine - one of the classic early zines by Ann R. Brown.

And just a reminder – the charity auctions end tonight. If there’s anything you intended to bid on, you’ll want to mosey on over there sometime today.

Have you gone on the Treasure Hunt yet? If not, gather some friends and your flashlights, and start the adventure.

Oops. We’re slowing you down with all this talk again, aren’t we? We'll stop now. Off with you. Enjoy your day. :-)

Friday, 10 February 2017

Good morning. Big day today.

There’s a pizza party tonight. Have your pizza ready and your copy of “When the Bluebird Sings” cued up, and meet in the chat room tonight at 7:00 EST for an episode chat. You can collectively laugh and sigh, and whine and complain with some others who completely understand.

And it’s Treasure Hunt day! Word has it it’s a challenge, so get out there and help each other. If you’re helping in the chats or the Yahoo group, though, try to help with hints rather than simply posting answers. Some of our hunters would rather not find the answers just lying around.

If this isn’t your year to help out with the charity, don’t worry. Maybe you can help at a future Winterfest. But if this is a year when you feel comfortable helping, there’s a Donate button toward the bottom of the charity’s page in the Helper’s Nook - Crisis Aid International. In the paragraphs closely surrounding the Donate button you’ll find information to help you through the simple process. It doesn’t have to be big. The cost of a McDonald’s Happy Meal per person on the candle map would make a very respectable check. The tunnels are kind of bursting at the seams at the moment.

Oh, and you might want to stop by Vincent’s Chamber sometime today. We hear he’s going for Casual Friday. Just sayin’…

Have fun!

Thursday, 09 February 2017

Did you try helping Vincent find things in his chamber yet? The man sure has a lot of stuff. Dusting in there must take forever. :-)

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for five days. Talk to your fellow guests and make sure you don’t miss anything. We heard some folks talking about crafts and even some recipes in the Fine Arts Gallery. The daily challenges and questions are still waiting for participants, and new submissions are popping up all the time.

We hope you’re still having fun.

Wednesday, 08 February 2017

Wednesday! Are we halfway finished? Or halfway begun? :-)

Stop by Vincent's chamber and play a game that's been hidden in our archives since the 2006 treasure hunt. (Hint: Nipper is a dog.)

Are you missing The Mirror Pool? Visit it in its permanent home and pay your respects at

The chatrooms are busy again today. Three more episode discussions. If you’re fascinated by Vincent’s cloak, there’s a chat game at 7:00 EST with your name on it. And in case you missed it on Saturday, con questions and answers will follow on Vincent’s coat tails. Or… um… cloak tails?

Have you tried your hand at Caption This yet? How about the chess game?

Have fun, and remember, no running in the tunnels!

Tuesday, 07 February 2017

Are you wearing out yet? Maybe today you’d like to find a quiet corner in the fine arts chamber to sit and share a cup of tea with a friend. You can look at the art and the crafts, or listen to some readings and watch a few videos. You could even go to the Painted Tunnels and try your hand at your own piece of art. Be brave. :-)

Have you tried Caption This yet? How about the Word Drill?

And what about the Chat Schedule? Whoooo-ooooo!! Three episode chats are scheduled today! Plus a discussion of The Bond - and we all have an opinion about that. Want to play some games of Fortunately/Unfortunately? Gotcha covered. Want to make some new friends? Sign in to The Visiting Room and it will happen.

There's something for everyone. Visit all the chambers! Enjoy yourself!

See you in the Great Hall.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Happy Monday! :-) More time. More fun.

When the doors opened did you patiently savor the opening ceremonies and light your candle, or did you just dive right into the activities and submissions? If you bypassed the candle map, please take time to light a candle and let everyone know you’re here – and to check on who else might be running around the tunnels with you.

Keep an eye on the submissions page. New things may appear at any time. Speaking of new things, there’s a new chapter of a round robin in the library.

And the best way to enjoy Winterfest is to join in the activities. Have you made an addition to the mosaic stories yet? Those are also in the library. If you don’t want to add to the stories, it’s fun to check each day to see the new twists in the ongoing story.

The ebay auctions to benefit our charity are up. You can find a link both in the upper right corner of the Great Hall page or on the charity page in the Helpers nook. If your living space simply will not accommodate one single more Beauty and the Beast item, you’ll also find instructions on how to make a donation.

Come and enjoy these tunnels, before work, after work, while everybody else is leaving you alone because they’re at work – or school. We're glad you're here!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Did you have fun yesterday? What did you miss? It’s still here, so check it out any time.

You know Mouse never throws anything away. When asked why, he said, “Has parts. Never know. Might make something else work.” We've seen curious visitors peeking in Mouse’s Chamber, and they've found some things from old Winterfests lying around right out in the open.

Did you answer a Question of the Day yet? You’ll find those in the Conversation Corner. If you don't have an answer of your own, it might be fun to read someone else's. Or you might like to try your hand at the Daily Challenge in the Library.

The Game nook is always fun. If you win Mahjong Solitaire, announce it. You deserve to be congratulated. :-) There’s a new search-a-word puzzle every day, too.

In the chatroom today is the annual group watch of the Dead of Winter episode, or you may enjoy the writers' chat, to name only a couple examples. Check the schedule.

Stories and art can be found in Submissions, and…

Why are we telling you all this? Scout through the tunnels, and if you find things you want to talk about, check in with the WFOL Yahoo Group or join in the conversation in one of the chatrooms.

Enjoy your time Below.

And we're always somewhere close by if you have questions or run across problems.

Saturday, 4 February 2017


Today is the day. Winterfest Online (WFOL) is open. No more knocking at the door or trying to peek through the keyhole. Vincent has lifted the bar from the door, and it’s time to enter the Great Hall. Enjoy the opening ceremonies, then light your candle so we know you’re here.

If you’re anxious to talk to other guests, you’ll find willing and energetic conversationalists in the WFOL yahoo group and in the chat rooms. Check the chat schedule for the things that interest you. Over the week, you’ll find subjects ranging from good information to enthusiastic musings on various episodes.

There are interactive activities that change from day to day. Look at the Question of the day, and add your two cents to the discussion – or fifty cents if you just can’t contain yourself. There are poetry challenges, too, and a new crossword puzzle each day.

While you’re racing around the corridors, swing by the game nook and the library. And keep an eye on Vincent’s chamber. If you’re fortunate, now and then you might catch him unawares.

Our charity this year is Crisis Aid International. And one hundred per cent of the proceeds from the charity auction will be included in the check to the charity. See if we’re auctioning anything you can’t live without.

We know. We know. We’re talking too much. Thanks for your patience. Go on now. Explore and have fun. And remember, if you get lost, click on the Winterfest logo, and it will take you right back to the Great Hall. It’s sort of like a having a secret passage.

And, as always contact us if you run into questions or problems.