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Thank you for coming to Winterfest Online 2017. Without you, there would be no celebration. :-) Thanks especially to those who shared their work with us, and to those who helped out with hosting.

Next year will be WFOL #15. We all create this dream for each other. What are you planning? It's not to early to get started! WFOL can be an extra-inspiring time, and we encourage you to ride that wave. Remember to keep an eye on the WFOL forum at BatBLand. Think of it as the sort of community bulletin board you find in local coffee shops, except in this one you can look for collaborators on a BATB project, or you can find or offer help with editing, hosting, etc.

Your specific and honest feedback are great gifts. Please, will you share your time and opinions with us? If you don't feel comfortable in English, answer in your native language, and we'll see about translating. Thank you in advance.

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A short ending survey
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