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Live DateTitleSubmitter name(s)EmailSteamy3S
2017-02-12 Tunnel Call Center (based on the story "You have called 'Below' - leave a message" by Cordi) Cordi  
2017-02-09 The Ways Change Challenge: Uncharted Territory Carole W 
2017-02-08 Arthur... slightly punk Debbie Bluerose  
2017-02-07 Father  Heather M.   
2017-02-06 Matrix Reloaded gag (appeared briefly on my long gone website) Julia Kuznetsova (aka Annabelle Lee)  
2017-02-05 The Calendar Art of Sandy Tew. A gallery of 13 years of Sandy Tew's beautiful art.  Sandy Tew  
2017-02-05 Once upon a time... Julia Kuznetsova (aka Annabelle Lee)  
2017-02-04 Some Winterfest Smiles Pip