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Keeping the Dream Alive:
Celebrating 30 Years of BATB Fandom
San Diego, California
July 14 - 16, 2017
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arrow left The Chesapeake Helpers Society of Beauty and the Beast (CHSBB) invites you to come to San Diego to carry on the tradition of our fandom’s yearly in-person conventions. This year we are hosting the 28th annual U.S. Beauty and the Beast convention AND helping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the most wonderful television series to ever grace our screens! In point of fact, as our name reflects, we are celebrating you – the fans – who have exhibited a loyalty, dedication, and generosity that fans of few other TV shows can match.

Originally planned as an informal between-conventions gathering of fans, we have converted the weekend into the 2017 convention. After consulting with fans who had anticipated coming to the informal gathering, this convention will be more casual, less structured, and provide an opportunity for just “hanging out” with old and new friends.
You are cordially invited to join us in San Diego, California, from July 14-16, 2017 – and if you can, plan a Wednesday-to-Wednesday stay, as we will offer some fun add-ons, or just because you want to have an amazing vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S.!

Our center of operations is in the heart of Old Town San Diego, literally just steps from restaurants, museums, and shops of all kinds: the Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel! Your room rate includes daily breakfast and free transport to/from the close-by San Diego International Airport. Convention registration is $100 and includes three days of low-key fandom-related fun and our traditional Saturday banquet. Please check out the convention page on for more hotel and con registration information.

In keeping with our fandom tradition of being Helpers to those in need, this year’s convention charity is Just in Time for Foster Youth.  This wonderful local charitable organization, started in San Diego in 2006, is committed to providing consistent, long-term help to youth who age out of the foster system, to help them achieve self-sufficiency and well-being. 

Did you know that after emancipation, 40-50% of former foster youths become homeless within 18 months? That only 1-3% graduate from college? Without adult support, foster youths are at risk of being homeless, unemployed, and under-educated. Just in Time provides a caring community which mobilizes resources to provide a safety net for these youngsters who truly are alone when they age out of the foster care system. Some of the programs they run include “Emergency/Basic Needs,” “My First Home,” “Financial Fitness,” and “College Bound,” in addition to providing career counseling services.

In fiscal year 2016, Just in Time was able to assist 199 new participants and 466 young people still in transition. As you can see, this is the kind of charity that could really benefit from the funds our fandom could raise. It really feels like something the Tunnel community would be proud of us for supporting!

We hope you are enticed to come join us in San Diego this coming July! We hope to see you there!

CHSBB President Brenda Froberg, on behalf of the “Keeping the Dream Alive” con team

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