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12 February 2017

Winterfest is always a bittersweet occasion.

There is great joy in seeing so many old and new friends gather to commune and celebrate. We light our candles to bring The Great Hall from darkness into the glow of friendship and camaraderie that permeates our time together. We take time to renew the pleasure of old friendships, share our triumphs and difficulties, enjoy the company of those here, and remember and appreciate the lives and accomplishments of those who are no longer with us.

But there is always a sadness to see it end… to have to part once again. So, at the end of our celebration, I thank those who have contributed to the feast as well as those who came bearing only their love, enthusiasm, and spirit of good will… all gifts in their own right. As a performer relishes an enthusiastic audience, those who have provided their efforts and talents delight in the pleasure others find in it.

Winterfest is over now; but, wherever you are, imagine joining hands with someone and raising your joined hands in our treasured circle ... the completion of another Winterfest. Know that the hand you hold belongs to someone who wishes you well, who will be present for you in friendship or need. And know that you will always be a beloved part of us.

Until next year…

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