2017 WFOL Charity Auction
Items on eBay

** NOTE: The first of the auctions will start at 7:00 p.m. EST Saturday,the 4th. Additional auctions will then start every 15 minutes through 9:00 p.m., at which time they should all be up and running. The auctions will start to appear on eBay as they go live. Good luck and happy bidding! ***

Proceeds go to this year's WFOL charity, Crisis Aid International.

Auctions will start between 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 4th and will end during the same time period on Saturday, February 11th.

We have about 30 items up for auction this year, come look!

If you see something you'd like to have, please consider placing a bid. All proceeds from the ebay auctions go to support Crisis Aid International.

The WFOL auctions are listed under seller name santiago23


2017 WFOL Charity Auction Items:

Olivia De Berardinis Poster Vincent & Catherine #1

Olivia De Berardinis Poster Vincent &Catherine #2

Set of 12 Ron Perlman Photos –  Including an Autograph

Set of 25 Gorgeous Linda Hamilton Photos

Set of 20 Ron Perlman Linda Hamilton Photos Beauty Beast TV - #1

Set of 20 Ron Perlman Linda Hamilton Photos Beauty Beast TV - #2

Set of 20 Cast/Promo Photos - Beauty and the Beast TV CBS

Nine Clare Sieffert Prints

Letter Autographed by Ron Perlman

Zine Set – “Passion!” and “Passion! Verse II”

Beauty & the Beast Comics Signed Deodato, Pini – lots of items

Artzine “Wildheart” by Beth Blighton

Beah Richards (Narcissa) Note and Autograph

Ellen Geer (Mary) Note and Autograph

Terrie Milliman Original Pencil Art – Vincent and Catherine

Print by Kevin Barnes – Vincent & Catherine

Mug w/Olivia De Berardinis Art

Terrie Milliman Original Pencil Art – Above and Below

Zine – “Threshold to Dreams #1”

Book – “The Unseen Beauty and the Beast”

“A Different Dream #1” – All Season Zine

P.S. Nim Graphic Novel “Dreams of Long Ago”

Zine – “Castle of the Beast” – AU Vincent and Catherine

Lynette Combs Zine – “What Light Through Yonder Window #1

Zine – “A Life Without Limits #1”

Conzine – “A Distant Shore: The Fairy Tale Continues”

2016 New Jersey Convention Tee Shirt (new)

One-of-a-kind "Share the Light" BatB Necklace



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