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The inspiration for many of this year's wallpapers came from songs
by Carrie Newcomer, Cris Williamson, and Meg Christian. 
You can search for and listen to the music on YouTube.

Vincent looking on fondly. In the background many Winterfest guests are seen going through the open door of the Great Hall. Text reads: Winterfest: one candle in the night becomes a thousand lights.
Vincent looking on encouragingly. In the background, an underground passage with several travelers crossing the rock bridges. Text reads: Carry us home, let sanctuary start. Winterfest Sanctuary.
Vincent and Catherine look on encouragingly, standing within the park entranceway, the secret door and the tunnel entrance behind them. An image of the city above is superimposed on the walls, lots of lights. Text reads: Winterfest, into the mystery.
"Carrie Newcomer – Breathe In, Breath Out
Cris Williamson – Sanctuary
Cris Williamson – Sailor
Vincent looks out welcomingly. In the background is the Winterfest table with guests holding their lit candles, Father at the head of the table Text reads: Winterfest, room at the table.
Catherine is lighting an array of Winterfest candles, in the background an image of the city above. Text reads: Winterfest, lighting the way.
Vincent close up, a soft smile on his face. In the background is the matte painting of the many levels of walkways and bridges below and above the Whispering Bridge. Text reads: Winterfest, nothing short of a miracle.
Carrie Newcomer – Room At The Table
Cris Williamson – Miracle
An image of Father, Mary, Vincent, Catherine, and ... her father ... At a Winterfest that wasn
Vincent gazing into the distance. Behind him, the triple falls, a scattering of drifting, falling rose petals. Text reads: Filling up and spilling over, an endless waterfall, filling up and spilling over, over all. Winterfest: Every moment of the joy.
Vincent and Catherine gazing reverently into the distance. In the background, within a graphic circle is the closing circle of Winterfest, everyone
Cris Williamson – Waterfall
Meg Christian – The Road I Took To You


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