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Elliot talking to Cleon

Question of the Day

We fans of Beauty and the Beast LOVE to discuss all the aspects of our favorite show.
And we all have our own opinions.
In this daily forum, we invite you to share your thoughts, on our Question for the Day.


Ninth Question: If Paracelsus and Gabriel got to meet, what would that relationship be like?

Eighth Question: If Father had left with Jessica in The Reckoning, how would it have changed the Tunnel community? For better, for worse, or not at all?

Seventh Question: Why do you think Vincent could sense his child but couldnít sense Catherine?

Sixth Question: What do you think happened to Pope?

Fifth Question: If Diana had hung up the phone in the cafe, would she still have been caught?

Fourth Question: If the show were set in modern day New York (2015), what do you think would be the biggest impact/change on the course of events?

Third Question: What could Catherine have done differently with the little book Joe gave her to prevent her kidnapping?

Second Question: What did Gabriel want Vincentís son for?

First Question: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Diana?