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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Good morning, BATB friends! We hope you're all well on this fine day!

The bathing chamber finally has content. No running on your way there! You don't want to slip and fall. Remember to thank Sandy Tew for the awesomeness you'll find there.

Please join the Calgary Con Q&A in the theme chat room at 2pm EST. And then get yourself registered! If it's at all possible, get yourself to a con, and the sooner the better. They're all different, and once they're past, you can't go back. Start now if you haven't already! :-)

Expect the closing ceremonies sometime later today, where you'll also find a summary of the changes for next year. That summary will be posted on the yahoo group also.

Hey, don't forget there's still time to make a donation to Partners in Health. See the charity page in the Helpers Nook.

Thank you all for coming, folks. There wouldn't be a Winterfest Online without you. :-)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Greetings, fellow BATB fans!

Challenge #1 is up in the Library. It has a nice Valentine flavor with the crumpled note, a ticking clock and chocolates.

Our annual Talent show is at 2pm EST. Install Skype and post your Skype id in the yahoo group in order to be invited. If you'd like to sing, play a musical instrument, recite poetry, or show us another of your talents, or if you just want to hear the others, come join us!

Please come to the theme chat room at 8pm EST to talk about changes to Winterfest Online for next year.

See you 'round the tunnels!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy Friday!

New in the Library is the zine, The First Time I Loved Forever. Be sure to take a nice cold drink with you.

Have you checked out all the wonderful items up for sale for our charity this year? You don't want to miss out on all the bidding! The auctions end Saturday evening.

Itís been a busy week. Today take some time and check out all the various places that you donít normally visit. Drop in on a scheduled chat. Visit with someone new in one of the open chat rooms. Write a poem. Decorate the Painted Tunnels. Add to the Mosaic story. Try the Treasure Hunt. And get ready for the weekend!

Happy wanderings. :-)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday. You know what that means? Treasure Hunt day! Somewhere in the main chambers you will find a treasure chest. That is the beginning of your search. One click and... On your mark, get set... GO! Later today there will be a chat at 8PM EST offering Treasure Hunt hints and help.

In the Fine Arts Gallery we have the final additions to the Rosemarie Hauer Calendar Art Gallery. A great place to relax after running around the tunnels.

Good luck and good hunting!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hello everyone.

Can you believe it? Weíre halfway through Winterfest! Where did the time go? For a lot of you, Mahjong Solitaire, apparently. ;-)

The Game Nook has a logic puzzle for you to solve. Tea, sandwiches and sweets are served.

The Library continues to offer up wonderful reading opportunities. New today is the zine All Things Are Possible 7.

Donít forget all the new daily content scattered throughout the chambers such as the Questions of the Day, Chuckles, Crossword puzzles, the Daily Challenges, the Art challenges, Vincentís Chamber, The Round Robins, the chats and more.

Have a fun day!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Greetings fellow tunnel explorers!

By now, you know your way about the chambers. Youíve met countless friends you already knew, and a few friends you didnít know you knew yet!

What's in store for you today? In the Gallery you'll find a compilation of Lynnette Combs' lovely art. Be sure to stop by and see!

Challenge # 2 appears in the Library Ė you know the one Ė Kipper, the West 72nd Street Entrance to Central Park, and a Hot Dog Cart. What stories could be written with those three things, I wonder? Bring your own mustard.

Tuesday is Paracelsus Day in the chat room. You can view The Alchemist in the afternoon, To Reign in Hell in the evening, and then chat about whether or not Vincent ever knew Paracelsus, as two different stories exist in the show. Somebody is lying and it should be settled as to who! ;-)

Otherwise, try out Mahjong Solitaire and see if you can win. This is one tough game! Give a shout-out if you've beat it!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Above the work week begins. Below the celebration continues!

New today in the Library is Margaretís Clock, a you-choose-theĖpath-adventure zine. After that busy weekend, we thought a nice curl up in a comfy chair was just the thing.

In the Game Nook is another brand new game called He Said, She Said. It is a BATB first season match game. Now really, how hard can that be?

Your fellow fans have been busy in the Painted Tunnels and the Daily Challenges. Do stop in and enjoy the extemporaneous art and poetry. While you are there, maybe add a little something of your own.

Have fun!

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Have you tired yourselves out yet? We hope not. The fun is just beginning.

Today for your enjoyment we have added a brand new game in the Game Nook. It is Mahjong Solitaire and it is terribly addicting.

In our Library we have added writing challenge #3. (The first two will appear later in the week.) There are 5 stories involving Mouse, silly string and the library. Entertaining? You bet!

Besides the Daily writing Challenges in the Library, this year we have some simple art challenges in the Painted Tunnels. Stop in and add something to the "walls."

Oh, and check out the chat schedule. At 8PM, EST, we are offering a guided tour of Winterfest Online AND following that at 9PM EST there is a little chat called, "Getting Physical With Vincent."

Now if that doesn't bring you all running, we don't know what will. VBG

Off you go.

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Weíre so glad you came to WFOL 2015, our annual celebration of Beauty and the Beast. If youíre an old hand, you probably can make your way around our tunnels blindfolded. If you are new to Winterfest, enjoy the adventure of discovering all that awaits you.

We're excited to see a new BatB artist Ė Greta, who drew this year's welcoming Vincent. She's created a couple more Vincents and you can see them in her Deviant Art Gallery. Make a note of the URL and when you visit her site, encourage her to draw more for us!

Everything is new today. Starting tomorrow and through the next eight days of Winterfest, we will be adding more content, so be sure to stop in and get the updates here in the Pipe Chamber. You don't want to miss a thing.

Let the celebration begin!

The Wintercandlemakers