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Match Game - He Said, She Said

Here's a match, match, match game for you.
First, match the character in the first column with a quote that he said in Column 2.
Next, match that same character to Catherine's response to his statement in Column 3.
Finally, find the episode where that conversation took place in Column 4, again using the character's name.

We've provided an example with an interaction between Vincent and Catherine from Dead of Winter.
0. Vincent
1. Barnes, Richard
2. Bass, Steven
3. Bennie
4. Burch, Elliot
5. Chandler, Charles
6. Dutton, Henry
7. Grafton, Dr. James
8. Gunther, Tom
9. Hughes, Dr. Edward
10. Maxwell, Joe
11. Mouse
12. Paracelsus
13. Pei, Henry
14. Ramos, Tony
15. Ross, Alexander
16. Sanderle, Dr.
17. Stubbs, Isaac
18. Sweeny, Jack
19. Thorpe, Jonathan
20. Walker, Jason
21. Wells, Devin
22. Wells, Jacob
Can I lead you through the dark?

Oh, I hate these guys. They travel in packs like sharks

Hi, gorgeous

Is this intrinsically any less powerful than the sacred images of all the other religions?

Maybe I expect too much...

I can't let you do that. I thought he needed me too, but all I did was frighten him.

I prefer to think of it as a strategic retreat, one step ahead of the law.

Are you always so mysterious?

He doesn't know the name of the president of the United States but he knows your name, now I find that just a little curious.

Well you should carry cash. That's what I do

Do you think we can avoid dancing around here like a couple of strangers?

Well I hadn't expected to see you again so soon. You come to sign up?

Well, you're an attorney, surely you must know that anything you say to me will be kept confidential

Judging from the skid marks, they were doing at least fifty, and this guy still gets up and runs off.

Likely story! I figure about an hour and a half.

My whole career, my reputation, the respect of my colleagues...

I got nothing to say.

Well.. we truly try to do the best we can for the children.

It's been a rough year for you. Why cling to it?

Hundreds of tunnels, chambers wander forever and ever.

But the fact is you're the outsider here–the police and you lawyers–that's just the way it is

If you change your mind and decide to sell, “discretion” is my middle name.

Then you perceive my life to be… contradictory

There is no darkness, Vincent, when you're with me.

Yeah, I know. Mine!

No one's asking you to leave New York.

We haven't asked you anything.

Is that worth the pain he must be suffering?

Oh, that was the old Cathy. I'll be ready in fifteen minutes.

I'm sorry. I made a promise

Well then take me there. Please, I need your help.

It doesn't have to be. This restaurant, this block, this neighborhood, it's still part of New York.

I'd look really silly in one of those white hats

He's out there somewhere . . . somewhere close.

Because it's been the most wonderful year of my life

I'll remember that

This is a party -- it's not brain surgery

No, tragic

Ah, I wish I could ride like you

Occupational hazard. I guess

You have a good reputation.

It's a room full of reporters.

Well, I have to take that chance.

I guess not.

We… are strangers.

Please just let him go. No harm was done. What good would it do you'd have him arrested?

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