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BatB Logic Puzzle

William is hosting a tea party for a few Helpers, to thank them for their help with a recent project. Along with tea sandwiches and sweet treats, heíll have a number of different teas available for his guests to try. Determine for each guest which was their favorite sandwich, sweet, and tea.

How to play: Use the grid to help you work through the clues. Remember, there is only one match in each column and row. If you click on a box, it will cycle through an X (for "No"), a green square (for "Yes") and the blank box (for "I don't know yet.")

You may like to press F11 to put your browser in full screen mode so you can see as much of the grid as possible, and you might wish to use Ctrl - to reduce the size as far as you can and still read the clues and headings. (Use Ctrl + to bring the size back up when you're done.)

Lin Wong
Henry Pei
apple crisp chocolate chip cookies cinnamon rolls peanut butter fudge berry trifle green tea orange pekoe tea peppermint tea Russian caravan tea Vanilla Rooibos tea
Egg Salad
Ham & Cheese
Green tea
Orange Pekoe tea
Peppermint tea
Russian Caravan tea
Vanilla Rooibos tea
Apple Crisp
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cinnamon Rolls
Peanut Butter Fudge
Berry Trifle
  1. The person who liked Vanilla Rooibos also liked the Caprese sandwiches best.

  2. The woman who preferred ham and cheese didnít like the Russian caravan tea.

  3. Henry Pei liked cinnamon rolls best.

  4. The person who liked the apple crisp didnít like the hummus sandwiches.

  5. Laura did not like the vanilla Rooibos tea or the chocolate chip cookies.

  6. Sebastian didnít like orange pekoe tea.

  7. Laura liked the egg salad sandwiches best.

  8. The 5 guests are Lin Wong, the woman who liked green tea, the man who liked hummus, the man who liked the peanut butter fudge and the person who liked the berry trifle.

  9. The person who loved peppermint tea also loved chocolate chip cookies.

  10. Russian Caravan tea was preferred by Sebastien, who did not care for the caprese sandwiches.

  11. The woman who liked peppermint tea did not choose hummus sandwiches as her favorite.