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All Things Are Possible VII

by Sandy P Shelton
artwork by Sandy Chandler Shelton and Mickey Sayles

All Things Are Possible VII (PDF, 6.7 MB)

From the Qfer:
ed. by Sandy Shelton
Sandy Shelton
January 1996
Rating: PG - R
Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 178 p.
Art Information: Sandy C. Shelton and Mickey Sayles
Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: All five stories were written by Sandy Shelton and has Catherine dealing with an unplanned, difficult and dangerous pregnancy since Vincent's vasectomy in Book 4 was unsuccessful. Vincent has recurring nightmares of Paracelsus's story of his birth coming true while Catherine is determined to go through with the pregnancy. Charlie, Catherine's brother from Book 6, finds the daughter of former helpers in the tunnels after she tries to commit suicide and tries to give her back her lost hope. A car bomb goes off during the Thanksgiving Day parade and Vincent is haunted by what he sees in the devastation. When Devin recognizes one of the bombers and sees him using the tunnels to escape, Vincent is obsessed with dealing out justice and goes after them along with Devin and Charlie who witnesses Vincent's dark side for the first time. Vincent's terror of losing Catherine causes him to pull away from her and she must find a way past his fear to save their marriage.