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Daily Challenges

Welcome to the eleventh year of Daily Challenges! That is a lot of challenges and youíve come through with flying colors each and every time. This year weíre going to keep it simple. But simple does not necessarily mean easy. Each day there will be only one topic and only one literary form. So brush off your creativity and letís write some poetry!

DateThe Challenge
 2/7/2015 Catherineís balcony doors
 2/8/2015 Mouse
 2/9/2015 Fatherís Chess Set
 2/10/2015 Elliot
 2/11/2015 Vincentís diary
 2/12/2015 Kristopher Gentian
 2/13/2015 Devin
 2/14/2015 A Valentine's Day Poem
 2/15/2015 Winterfest